Monday, 9 June 2014

Breastfeeding Undercover

The thing that struck fear into me after I had had Baba was how on earth I was going to breastfeed her when we were out in public.  I could not understand how anyone was able to breastfeed, latching a baby on and maintaining their dignity at the same time.  I watched in awe as one of my friends attached her baby in a nano-second, with a perfectly placed shawl covering her modesty.

I decided to bite the bullet and have a trial run in the living room at home...cue me looking flustered, taking 5 mins to get Baba positioned correctly, the shawl being wrapped round my neck and gently strangling me, and then Baba coming off the breast and milk going everywhere.  Hmmm...I needed a different plan.  Or I could just become a hermit.  Luckily for everyone I went with the first option.  

Now please don't get me wrong,  I was proud to be breastfeeding and in no way was I ashamed.  I think I was just very self-conscious about what I was doing.  Furthermore, I was having trouble latching Baba on, so I had to do an exaggerated attachment which meant a little bit more positioning than usual.

Then tah-dah, after a quick Google...enter the Bebe au Lait nursing cover which I chose in Chateau silver! Link Here

So the cover has an adjustable loop which you place over your head, and it has a open neckline which means you can keep an eye on what baby is doing, and also allows airflow which is kinda important.  This really was the answer to my prayers!!! I felt so much more confident knowing I had this packed in my bag, and it just meant I had something to cover me while I was messing around getting Baba's latch right.  I also think that because I was covered I felt less pressured to get Baba latched quickly, and this is turn actually meant I was more relaxed and did it quicker.  Baba was also prone to being sick after feeds, so if I had the cover on, it also meant it protected what I was wearing (but in all honesty Baba always seemed to have a very accurate aim onto my clothes!!!).

I wouldn't necessarily buy this cover if you want no-one to know you are breast-feeding.  I didn't buy the cover because I wanted to hide this fact, it was more to save my blushes of boob flashes and milk accidents. I did have the cover on once and a lady asked me if I was trying a dress on...she was quite surprised when she saw two little legs poking out of the side!!!!! So I think you may or may not get a few looks as nosy people wonder what is going on under the cover!!

But, if like me, you feel at all self conscious or are struggling with your latch, then I would definitely recommend this cover.  It washes really well too.  Those few months of having a baby are stressful (and amazing) enough, so anything to make things a little easier!!!

What are your tips for breast-feeding out in public? Did you find it harder than you thought or are you like my friend and can breastfeed your newborn with your eyes closed and standing on your head whilst eating a panini?

Laura x

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