Monday, 16 June 2014

How to walk a dog

Hi everyone, 
So today I thought I would share my experience of attempting to walk Pablo the Dog and Baba. Before I had Baba, I never really gave much thought to the logistics of this task.  I guess I had maybe seen one too many Hollywood movies where the new mum walks effortless down the street with her one handed steer pram, baby asleep, with the dog trotting obediently by her side. Hmmmm....I needed a reality check!!!

Walking a dog with a pram is hard work!!!! Pablo is by no means a naughty dog.  He does however, like to smell every single scent on the pavement, do a wee on every single scent he can smell, oh, and he also hates the postman. How my first few trips out with Pablo and Baba taught me some valuable life lessons.

The first was that I could not really hold a lead at the same time as pushing the pram. Pablo did walk lovely next to the pram, but the act of holding the lead and the pram meant my hand cramped, and it really wasn't comfortable.  I also learnt that if we encountered the postman on our walk, then I had to put the brakes on the pram and wait for the poor guy to pass us.  I did also try to venture out with Baba in a baby carrier.  But when Pablo did his business, I had to crouch whilst keeping upright to pick up his business so Baba did not topple out.  I used to have thigh ache for days after!!!!

After browsing the internet, and yes, a little Google, I couldn't really see that anyone had invented anything that would help me, so I came up with my own little belt to wear.  I took a strap from a holdall and fastened this around myself, so I looked a bit like Rambo...and then I clipped Pablo's lead onto this.  This meant I had both hands free to push the pram, and it also meant no more upright crouching to pick up Pablo's business.

Take one ordinary holdall shoulder strap and....

Ta-dah! Hands free dog walking!

I love going out and walking at the moment, and I see it as fresh air for me and Baba, Pablo gets a good walk and I get some exercise too.  Because we have always gone out walking everyday, Baba seems to be used to it and will happily sing and point out things on our walk.  I try to walk for around an hour a day. Admittedly, it has not always been so enjoyable, and I can remember walks where I have run home with Pablo in tow because Baba has been crying and wouldn't stop. Or on one occasion I had to carry Baba because she was screaming, and I then had to push the pram and keep hold of Pablo at the same time!! That was not my finest hour and I probably shed a tear once we had got home, maybe due to exhaustion or the pain in my back!!!  Luckily, that day is behind us!

Definitely give the belt idea a try if you have a baby and dog...and if your baby is small I would say hang on in there, because juggling baby and dog definitely gets easier...or you just get an expert at juggling them!!!

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know if you have a baby and dog in tow, and any tips that you have for when you are out and about whilst maintaining your sanity and the safety of all!

Have a good Monday. 

Laura x


  1. Aw, that is such a smart idea! Your dog is adorable!

    1. Thank you! And thank you so much for commenting too :-)

  2. Hello dear!
    Love this post very much,it's so nice and pretty!
    Very inspirational!
    Hopefully you can visit my blog,would love to hear from you!
    xoxo Antonella <3

    1. Thank you Antonella. I will be sure to pop by your blog too!

  3. Lovely post - how genius is the hands-free dog walking lead?! Pablo is absolutely adorable. We're hoping to get a pooch of our own later this year, but I think our own baba is a couple of years away - however, we have lots of little nephews so will definitely have to remember this. I am super impressed!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. oh how exciting you are getting a pooch! How lovely :-)
      Yep, its always good to multi-task!
      Thanks for your comment.