Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nails Of The Day

Hi there! So I thought I would do a post about what I am currently wearing on my nails...but before I get started, I think I may actually start with a bit of a disclaimer that I am no nail expert...I pick the pretty shades and whack it on and that's about as technical as it gets!!

So, on my feet I am wearing this cute pastel shade...503 Mind the Gap, Victoria by Rimmel and it's one of their 60 seconds polishes. 

I adore the Rimmel's 60 second polishes.  I think you definitely have to apply quite thin coats in order for it to dry quickly, and maybe just because it says it dries so fast I believe it...but because I am usually rushing around, I just find that you can't go wrong with this line of polishes.

On my fingers, I am trying a Models Own's from their Speckled Egg Collection, and it is in the colour Dove Pink. 

I may be a little late in jumping on this band wagon, but this polish just reminded me of Mini Eggs, and I think the pink is a really pretty shade.  

I applied two thin coats and then a clear top coat.  The only thing you need to be mindful of, is that because there are lots of little black speckles in the polish, you need to make sure that as you apply it you are distributing these evenly on the fingernail if that makes sense.  Otherwise you end up with speckles just in one corner of the nail.  I think without the top coat the polish would chip pretty easily.  I've had a few comments as to how nice my nails look so I will be sticking this on for a while I think!!

I have also been lusting after a few other colours that I have not yet managed to purchase.  Laura from BuyNowBlogLater reviewed another Models Own colour, Beach Bag (Link Here), which looks gorgeous, but I haven't been able to track in down in my local store as yet to try it for myself. 

I also saw on Instagram, that Mollie from the Saturdays was loving Essie's Absolutely Shore, (Link Here).  It looks like a gorgeous pastel green colour.  When I toddled into my nearest Boots however, I just could not face putting an £8 polish into my basket...does that make me sound like a scrooge? Hmmm, I think because I already had a fair few bits and pieces in my basket I just could not face bumping up the total at the till any further! I guess this clearly shows you certainly are not reading the blog of someone with lots of money and a disposable income!!! 

However, having said all of that, fear not, because I do have a plan, and I think I might sneak it into my basket when I am shopping next month...stay tuned...I think for the moment I will stay lusting after it and stick with my mini eggs colour!!! 

What are your favourite colours at the moment?? Any that you think trump Essie's Absolutely Shore that I should be looking at? Or any dupes that will save my purse £8?!

Thanks for reading!

Laura x


  1. The Model Owns polish is so lovely! Such a pretty shade


    1. Thank you! (and thanks for reading!) x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :-) I have just picked up some free nail polishes with Marie Claire so more nail painting tonight! x

  3. Love the speckled egg look! I haven't heard of this brand of polish, i will definitely have to keep my eye out for it!

  4. Thank you Ashley! Yep, definitely give the brand a try. They have such a great range of colours! x