Monday, 30 June 2014

The Potty Training One

Hi and welcome back to another Mummy Monday!  Today I thought I would blog about a recent milestone we have achieved in the Laura Evelyn household...Potty Training!!!  I decided to write a little diary of our first week of potty training, and I am so glad I did as reading back on it now just makes me giggle.  I guess I wanted to write this post because when I started out potty training, I found it really useful to read about other peoples actual experiences in those first few days.  You can find so much on the internet about how to do it, but I just wanted to read that someone was finding it as tough as me at times, and they were!

So to begin with there was alot of Googling, asking friends and family how they potty trained their little one, and then a bit more Googling (how did anyone parent before Google?!).  I summarised that I would completely do away with nappies on our first day of potty training.  I would only put Baba into nappies for her nap time and then bedtime.  This included no nappies when we were out and about or at local groups (EEEK!).  I also prepared myself that if Baba had an accident, I would not make a big deal of it, just tell her never mind and we would try and get it into the potty next time.  I also needed to give her  lots of praise for any progress, no matter how small.  So these were my potty for the fun part...for your reading pleasure, my potty diaries....

Day one...around 4pm...
How anyone is potty trained in the human race is beyond me.  It feels like the hardest and most impossible thing to achieve.  Especially now on day one.  I was convinced Baba was ready for toilet training, she was showing all the signs that the books say, but now I am seriously doubting myself.  It is 4 pm and so far the closest we have got to a wee or poo on the potty is a little trump on it about half an hour ago.  I am also questioning why I was looking forward to this stage, because so far I have just had to clean up pools of wee on my carpet.  I think I am going to give it two more days and if there is no progress, we can try potty training at a later date i.e. when she is 10 years old or something. Urgh. 

I have now Googled (for the hundredth time) more tips on potty training and mums are saying you need to be within arms length of your child at all times so you can catch them weeing and put them straight onto the potty for them to finish their wee on there.  I now feel like a bad mum because I certainly have not been within arms length of Baba at all, and I have wandered to other rooms and left her playing, so maybe it is my fault she is not getting the hang of it! Do these mums have Mr.Spaghetti arms? Urgh.

We've managed a walk with Pablo the dog, and I put Baba in her big girls pants and lined the pushchair with a carrier bag and towel.  Baba managed a whole hour with no accidents, but when we get home she did a wee up the side of the table whilst I was feeding Pablo.  Urgh. 

We finally have success!!! YIPPEE! Before her bath I put Baba on her potty and miraculously she wees in the potty!!! We make a big deal out of this sacred wee and Baba seems pretty pleased with herself too.  Maybe we can do this after all?...Hold on, I think we celebrated too soon.  Because we both got so excited, the potty got knocked over and I am now cleaning up more wee.  Urgh. 

Day two...

I have woke up with a renewed sense of determination and eagerness to do this potty training thing!! However, four hours later and we have had two accidents and I haven't managed to catch a single wee...maybe I dreamt that wee on the potty yesterday. 


Something magical has happened...we get a wee in the potty!! Hurrah!!!! And then before Baba's nap time we managed to get another one in...oh my god....I think we are getting there. We can do this. 


I have made the big mistake of putting Baba to bed for her nap without a nappy on....ten minutes later there is a poo, a poo catastrophe.  Maybe I got a little bit ahead of myself.  Poor Baba.  What the hell was I thinking?!?


The rest of today has felt pretty much like Day One.  Me being too slow, and Baba being too quick...more mess.  Thank god we have got wooden floors.  I will see how tomorrow goes and if its bad I'm giving up. 

Day three...

Again, I wake up with renewed determination.  this is going to be the day!


Erm, no its not.  I need to remember that Baba needs to go on the potty straight after breakfast...I completely forget and she did a wee on the floor.  No problem, I tell her, don't worry, I tell her.  Inside I'm thinking how much wee can one person clean up in a whole day?


We have had a success...woop woop! I have actually made up a potty song and dance and I proceed to chant this around the house like an absolute mad woman.  The tune is the same as 'who let the dogs out' if you are interested!!!  Baba finds it hilarious.  Cue 10 minutes of dancing and singing. 


Not as bad as yesterday, but definitely not there yet.  No more accidents, but no more success on the potty either.  Baba wees in the bath. I hope tomorrow is a good day. 

Day Four...

I think we are making progress, we have had only two accidents, and we got two wees in the potty.  But disaster strikes around 5pm. My husband is due home from a long haul flight in 30 minutes and I have been thinking I could smell something funny for the last 10 minutes.  I then discover Baba has done a poo in the dining room, then walked it into the kitchen to come and tell me she has done said poo.  Its everywhere and she even got some up the wall. The dog then tries to eat it and I want to run out the front door and let them both sort it out themselves.  I don't, obviously, and quickly clean it up and open all the windows so that my husband doesn't think we have been living in squalor for the last week.

Day five...

We decide we need some motivation for this potty training.  We pop to Sainsburys and buy a little ladybird hand stamp.  It works a treat.  Every time Baba goes on the potty, she gets a hand stamp.  We only have one accident all day!!! Woop woop!!! Maybe we aren't so bad at this after all???

Day six...

We are on a roll.  Baba wont actually tell us when she needs a wee, but every hour or so, if we take her to the toilet she goes and then holds her hands out for her ladybird stamp.  The girl doesn't like pooping in the toilet, but after a bit of Googling (!), I am reassured that alot of children do this, and just to try and encourage her to go.  The bonus is Baba has being doing a poo in her nappy at nap time, and then first thing in the morning, so I can kinda live with this until she gets used to it.

Day seven...

I think we may have got it.  We are still having the odd accident, but if I am honest, its usually when I am distracted and I forget to take her to the toilet.  We managed to go to a group this morning and this afternoon which I was dreading, but Baba held herself and went immediately before and after the group! I was so proud! And yep, I'm still doing the potty dance as and when its needed! 

So, there you have it, our first week on the potty!  And I don't think either of us did too badly. Well, we both survived.  So this all happened about two weeks ago and Baba will now ask to go on the potty and we haven't had an accident for well over a week.  Baba still isn't keen to do a poo on the potty, but will go in her nappy at nap time and first thing in the morning.  I can live with this and I think this part of potty training will come in time. 

My advice to any mum or dad about to potty train is RELAX.  The first few days feel like you are never going to get there, but you will.  Just have lots of cleaning products, towels etc, in every room.  Also, we did this during a week where we had no groups to go to and I didn't have to go anywhere, I found this really helpful because I could concentrate on Baba and the potty. I definitely would recommend just going for it and not using pull-ups or nappies if you are going to potty train (just use them for naps and bedtime).  And just to add, only do it when you think they are ready.  I have already seen some competitive mums trying to sit their child on a potty before they can even walk....well slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean. There will always be someone who potty trained their little darling at 6 months old, but whatever.  Take the lead from your child, and if they aren't quite ready enjoy changing those nappies and not having to clean up wee from your carpets for a while longer!!

Next Monday I will let you know my essentials for potty training when you are out and about. 

Thank you so much for reading!



  1. This made me burst out laughing in several places! I think my favourite is poo up the dining room wall... which I will of course be crying it when it happens to me in a year or so! Well done to both Baba and you, I hope if she got a stamp, you got some wine :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Erm yes a large glass of wine was definitely needed! How did you know :-)