Monday, 2 June 2014

The Sequoia PacaPod Change Bag

So pre-Baba the world of changing bags...well it never existed to me. And then, BANG, as soon as I was pregnant, this new universe of the changing bag was created, and I became obsessed with who was carrying what to hold their baby nappies and the like. 

And then after hours of staring at new mums shoulders and endless Google searches...I discovered the PacaPod.  Pre-Baba I could quite happily forage in my handbag for lipstick or my purse, and would think nothing of having a good ferret around in there to locate the needed item.  Now with Baba, if I'm going to be ferreting around after my baby wipes or hand sanitizer, there is no telling what is going to happen in those precious few moments.  There could be sick down my trousers, a juice spillage, Baba might make a run for it and catch the bus to London town.  Ok, so that may be a little dramatic, but my point is, you need things to hand, and this is why you need pockets, partitions and sections ladies, and lots of them.  And this is why I love love love the Pacapod.  Did I mention I love this bag?!

Let me introduce the Sequoia in Black.
The whole PacaPod system range is based around two pods which fit inside the bag.  One is a changer pod, complete with portable changing mat, and the other pod is for food/ feeding equipment...ta-dah!

The pods are such an amazing idea, as it not only means you know exactly where in your bag things are, but it also means that if you need to change baby you can just pop out the changer pod and viola! you are good to go.  This is especially amazing if you are on a train or plane, because from experience this avoids the embarrassment of hitting 10 aisles of heads with your whole changing bag as you are also juggling your baby trying to get to the toilet!!

Aside from the pod section, there is another zipped area where I tend to keep my phone and purse, and basically any of the things I need (or should I say the things I remember for myself!).

There are also two very small zips on either side of the bag, and here I keep hand sanitizer (which I always need quickly).

The multi-functional straps means that the bag can be attached to the pram, worn over your shoulder or across the body.  Options are always good!  Here's me trying to look cool and showing you how the straps go.  I am sure they are pretty self explanatory, but thought it would give you an idea as to how big the bag actually is!

The Sequoia just feels and looks so classy, but is so usable and dare I say, practical at the same time.  I also have to say that the Pacapod customer service is amazing.  I originally had the Napier bag, which I also loved.  I had this for a year when Baba was first born, but after a year, the stitching began to come away.  I contacted Pacapod to let them know I was a bit disappointed, and they agreed to let me have an exchange, or I could pay the difference and 'upgrade' to the Napier.  I had always had my eye on the Napier, and jumped at the chance, and I could not have been happier!!!

Link here - PacaPod Sequoia
Link here - PacaPod Napier

So, in summary, yes, yes , yes....get this bag!!! You will not be disappointed. And if you are at the pre-baby stage and you think if may be a little expensive, I would say you are going use this bag every single day, so you may as well invest in one that you love and one that is going to last you.  And, to be honest, your having a baby, so you deserve a treat right?!!! (Of course you do!)

And as an aside, I never thought taking blog pictures could be so complicated!!! I just thought snap, snap and I would have a picture for my blog....but oh no! There is lighting to think about and background and have you got everything in shot, and is it level?!!! Arrgh!! So I hope you find my pictures helpful, and you will notice in one of the shots Pablo is sunbathing in the background, and Baba has kindly placed a rock next to the bag...I left that in because it made me giggle! Here's to better photography as my blog goes on!

See you Wednesday!


(P.S This review is based entirely on my own opinion, I bought the PacaPod bag myself and PacaPod have not sponsored me in any way, just so you know!)


  1. Hmm fantastic, I've never heard of these bags before, will definitely check them out, thanks Laura x

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Steph x

  3. I love your header, it's such a nice photo :)


  4. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my page Ellie. I love that photo too!
    Laura x

  5. Thanks for the review! I was actually considering the Napier but they have that special offer on the Sequoia, so...
    Any regret moving from one to the other? Any pros/cons you could tip me with? :)
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Caroline thanks so much for reading.
      No I really love my Sequoia and don't regret swapping over. I would say the Sequoia feels a bit more luxurious than the Napier due to the design, and also the changing mat is more padded and the feeding pod has a few more features such as little backpack straps. I think because of its design it looks a bit more smarter than the Napier but that's just my opinion!
      I really don't think you could wrong with either. I'm currently pregnant wit baby number two and my sequoia looks as a good as new to use again.
      I would highly recommend Pacapod bags!