Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Polka Dot Dots

So after my recent adventures misadventures in nail art, you would think that this is an area that I would stay the hell away from on my blog.  Ermmmmm nope. Here I am again with my newest nail creation :-) I think this one has gone a little better than my previous attempts which you can read about here and here if you fancy having a giggle.

I don't know how this inspiration came to me.  I have always been a fan of spots and thought I would give them a go on my nails (I mean why not?!).  How to do the spots was something I had been pondering all week.  During my daily routine, I was constantly thinking how I could achieve a spot effect.  I know you can buy kits, but I wanted to be a bit DIY here, plus I didn't want to buy a kit if I didn't end up liking the result.  Possible spot tools included the end of a cotton bud, cutting up a sponge, a potato (don't ask...I am quite imaginative), a pencil, toothbrush, the list goes on...I was even eyeing my dogs tail up to see if it could paint a perfect circle. Luckily for everyone involved and for my dog, my auntie ended up giving me a small brush to do nail art with, and on the other end of it was a small metal bulb.  The perfect spot tool!!!  This tool is from Avon, which you can buy here, but I reckon if you have a rummage in your sewing box, the end of a needle or something similar would do the trick too. You just need something that is going to create that small spot shape. 

Step one was first painting my nails with two coats of my current favourite shade, Rimmel 60 seconds polish in 503, Mind the Gap Victoria. 

After they had fully dried, I then commenced on the spots.  I applied a tiny amount of Natural Collection's Nail Tip Whitener to my tool and I dotted away.  Now to be completely honest, some nails look alot better than others, and some you need to squint at to think they look good, but I am a complete novice, with a bit of practice I think my spots could be better. Overall, I think the effect is quite pretty and my nails look very cute!!

I think most people could create this look, and I prefer these spots to my World Cup Stripes I sported (!!!) the other week.  What do you think? Have you tried this look before? Do you like the spotted nails or think it should be reserved for ladybirds only? Comments below please!!! 

Thank you for reading!

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