Monday, 7 July 2014

Potty To Go...

Hi everyone and welcome to another Mummy Monday on my blog.  This week I thought I would share with you the equipment I found really useful (and still do), whilst potty training my daughter.  Now, strictly speaking you don't really need all of this should just need your child and a toilet...BUT...if there is stuff out there to make everyone's life easier then I am all for it!!!!

My first major debate whilst potty training was what I was going to do with Baba when we were out and about and she needed a wee.  I admit I am a bit OCD with cleanliness, and the thought of putting her on some toilets just didn't sit right with me (no pun intended).  I then thought about hovering her over the toilet, but thankfully I never actually tried this because I think we all know how that would have ended (badly and wee soaked for me!!).  My mum actually found this amazing contraption for me, and it is a lifesaver!!

It is the Potette Plus Fold Away Travel Potty and Trainer link here. Its a little seat that you put over any other toilet seat and it means not only that your child doesn't disappear down the huge hole that is the toilet, but that they are on a nice clean seat too.  

But wait, that is not all!! The seat can then be clicked into place and it becomes a little potty that you can use with bags on the go.  I was a little skeptical as to how much I would actually use this, but I have now lost count of the amount of times I have used it with Baba.  Being so little, toddlers cant really 'hold' themselves, and when she says she needs a wee. she pretty much needs one there and then!!! Obviously if we are near a toilet I can make a dash for it, but she needed to go in the car-park yesterday, so I just unfolded this, popped the liner on and she went in the foot-well of the car!  The liners have padding in the bottom to absorb and then you dispose of them as you would a nappy.  Genius!!

As demonstrated by ted. 
And its pretty sturdy so it holds her weight (I had read reviews of some travel potties collapsing).  Because its all fully foldable, it fits snugly into my change bag and its really light.

Another item I have found to be really useful is a small cushioned seat.  I picked this one up from the pound store and Baba loves it!!! I think its much more comfortable for her than our toilet seat and her little bum just sits on it better.  Plus it has owls on so she gets pretty excited to get it and sit on it!

So those are my two pieces of equipment that I would really recommend.  I also had a little think of what other things I have found useful and these are: 

-A hand stamper
This worked really well as her reward for going on the potty. 

-Flushable wet wipes
For the obvious reason, and it saves you having to bag up used nappy wipes. 

-Old towels
To mop up any accidents

-Anti-bacterial wipes
Same as above!!!

I really hope you have found this post useful and I would love to hear of any other things people have found useful or maybe any tips and tricks for the wonderful potty training stage? Please please share them in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. The Potette is amazing, we used it when potty training both of our children, and will do again with Max when he is old enough - it's just so handy! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for reading and commenting. And yes such a great invention! x