Friday, 25 July 2014

(The ultimate nude lip and dancing with a hanger) Fashion Friday

Something very peculiar has happened to me since I have started blogging.  I haven't really bought any new bloody clothes.  Dum dum duuuuh. How on Earth this has happened to me I do not know.  It is not through lack of wanting that is for sure.  I am reading alot of blogs at the moment and my wish list is as long as both my arms.  I think it is more the case that I just haven't had the chance to pop into town.  Pre-Baba, well, Pre-Baba I would be at work all day, so I would grasp any opportunity to shop with both hands at whatever chance I got. However, with my darling Baba it is a little like planning a military operation if I want to go clothes shopping.  And most of the time I think she would rather be playing than watch me try on 10 different outfits in Topshop.  So I admit to you all, I feel like a fashion blogger failure.  Until I get those contracts to get free clothes sent to me weekly, we are just going to have to get by on my musings, wish lists, sporadic buying and reflections.  I really hope that will be enough or I am going to have to rename my Fashion Friday posts into Unfashionably No Fashion Fridays for fear of misleading advertising. 

Today I would like to share something that is not very fashionable at all.   Drum roll please. Yep that's right.  For your reading pleasure only, I have rummaged in dusty photo albums and from the depths I have found this little beauty.

Good God.  I know it is pretty horrific.  I hope no-ones children have walked in and started crying at this sight.  Let me talk you through my 'look'.  Starting with the makeup.  I mean we have to start there really don't we. This was at at time when nude lips were very in.  I am not talking your lovely nude shades you get today.  Oh no no no.  I am talking the real nude lip, the absolute nude nude, basically, when me and my friends used to apply concealer on our lips.  Yup, we even used to take it out in our handbags!!!!!!!!! Enough said. 

Evidently green eyeshadow was also on trend. As was a heavily tanned face and very rosey cheeks.  Nice.   

My outfit, I can remember thinking was actually very on trend at the time.  The short black skirt was short but not too short that my parents wouldn't let me out of the house.  The top I think I bought for about a fiver from the sale at Topshop, and it tied around the neck then had quite a low back.  You can buy the top online here...only joking!!!!!!!!

Ok.  So if we have all gotten over the shock and horror of this spangly creation, oh you haven't, well take another minute and then I will talk you through some valuable life lessons that I think we can learn here. 

Number 1. Never, never, never, never wear something that is meant to disguise dark circles on your lips. Ever.  

Number 2. Just because they sell it in Topshop, it does not mean that it is amazing.  Also, sometimes, just sometimes, things are reduced to £5 because no other bugger will buy them.

Number 3.  If you want to write a fashion blog, get something to write about, or face the consequences. Scaring your readers with old photos of yourself prancing around with a hanger may just have to happen.

You don't have to thank me for these little gems of advice guys, they are free to you, you're welcome :-)

Thank you so much for reading.  
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Wishing you all an amazing weekend in the English sunshine. 



  1. Oh I love this post! Nothing wrong with dancing with a coat hanger I say!

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Thank you...obviously I was having alot of fun there!!! x