Monday, 14 July 2014

Two year old Goblins

On the stroke of midnight the night before a child's second birthday, a small pixie like creature creeps into the child's bedroom.  The pixie sprinkles dust on the child's head, and the once angelic child is turned into a little goblin with a very bad temper, sharp teeth and the strength of seven oxen in their arms and legs for hitting and kicking.  Their vocal cords are also enlarged so that they can scream louder for longer and also possibly the ability to breathe fire when circumstances call for it. 

OK, OK, so that might be slightly untrue.

OK, OK, its all a lie.  But I do sometimes wonder....!!!

The terrible two's title is a little misleading and pretty much gives two year old's a bad name. The stage can start anywhere from 18 months onwards really and I think its a time of when these little people get more confident, start to be able to know what they actually want and also start to test their boundaries and see what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable.  But lets all be honest, if you wanted the in's and out's of child development and theories you would Google it rather than ask me.  Lets skip to the good stuff of my recent experiences. 

So it can be tough.  It's not tough like it was in the early days, when you are surviving on 30 seconds of sleep and you havent had time to brush your teeth for a few days, but its still tough.  Please, please, please, don't let any mum fool you into thinking that their 'angel' couldn't possibly have a tantrum....girl they are LYING!!!!  I have recently surveyed mums I know, and I have not only found that all children seem to go through this stage, but mums are so so relieved to find that their child isn't the only one at this stage.  

So the tantrums...

We have had two screaming sessions at the breakfast table which have been quite dramatic. I have absolutely no idea why they even started, but they were pretty good Oscar winning performances (my girl can sure act).  Baba screamed and kicked and thrashed about for a good 10 minutes whilst in her high chair. When she started doing this I did try to ask her what was wrong, but it soon became pretty obvious that she just needed a scream, and I let her! I said calmly, 'when you stop crying we can fix your breakfast up', and then I just pottered about the kitchen making my breakfast and a cup of tea.  If you had walked into our kitchen at that moment, you would have thought my daughter was auditioning for a role in the exorcist. However, after her 10 minute scream, she settled down after realising that it wasn't getting a reaction and she was hungry.  

We had a similar episode in Sainsburys a few weeks back.  I made the basic error of shopping when Baba actually needed a snack and a nap, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Cue Baba actually rolling down an aisle whilst intrigued shoppers slowed down wondering if my daughter was part of a flash mob and people were going to start dancing around her to the sound of Fame.

And that's the thing with this stage, sometimes I can completely see why she is having a major tantrum and I think to myself, yup Baba, I can completely see why you are doing that. In those instances, I try and rectify the situation, i.e, quickly finish the shopping so she can nap.  Or I try to preempt things I know might upset her.  So if she is playing, I won't just say to her 'come on we have to go out', I will say 'finish playing and in 5 minutes we are going out.  You an bring one toy with you if you like'.  This doesn't always work, but it does sometimes.  

And then there are times when I know she is doing it for a reaction or to get her own way, and then I just ignore her. And whilst the tantrum might seem to go on for longer than one of the Lord of The Rings films, in reality she quickly loses puff.  Please don't read this and think I am always so calm.  Sometimes when I am tired, I want to roll around the floor with her. 

But wait, your two year old also does the most amazing things.  Baba will now ask me for a cuddle, give me a kiss and pull me by the hand to show me something.  She tells me what she is thinking and I hear her telling her little dolls phrases I say, such as ' don't run into the road. Very very dangerous'.  When we have the very very very bad days I can appreciate that this is just a stage and every day is going to be different.  Baba has good days and bad just like me I guess.  And when I see her curiosity and confidence growing I know its all worth it. 

So I am not sure when these terrible twos go away.  I am guessing that at the stroke of midnight the pixie reappears before a child's third birthday to return the goblin to an angel again?  I don't know, but hang on in there.  All we can do as parents is to do our best, and try and guide, teach and love our little ones.  Either that or do a deal with that magical pixie!!! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the terrible two's...any tips or experiences you would like to share? 
Have a lovely day and thanks so much for reading!



  1. Oh no! The terrible twos! I love the idea of the goblins causing them :) my only experience of the terrible twos is through Dan's nephew - he was three in May and is a lot less of a terror!

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

    Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Yup I think goblins are heavily involved in the process :-)