Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Awards, Speeches, Bloggers and Kanye

I received a twitter notification last week saying that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Khrissie from Khrissie Loves (check out her blog here.).  My first reaction was, wow what an achievement and then secondly, what on Earth was I going to wear to accept my award. Before I called the local paper to inform them of their local residents achievement pretty much akin to a Nobel Peace Prize, I did a bit of Googling and actually discovered that the Liebster award was actually a bit of fun aimed at promoting new blogs. 

Now the only downside to this award was that there were certain rules to follow, such as answering a number of questions, putting down some random facts about yourself and then tagging another eleven bloggers.  This to me felt a bit like one of those dodgy chain letters I got when I was little.  I have to say, I was really honored that someone had taken the time to not only read my blog, but think of tagging me too, and whilst I don't wish to offend Mr or Mrs Liebster or any other lovely bloggers, the thought of tagging more bloggers just didn't appeal to me.  So  in response to my award, I thought I would indeed share eleven random facts about myself for your reading pleasure, then do a few shout-outs as part of my acceptance speech!   

 11 random facts about me:

1) I desperately need a haircut and my last one was over six months ago. Its wispy ends a go-go in the Laura Evelyn household.
2) I am a worrier and will worry about anything and everything.  If I am not worrying, I worry about that.
3)A llama spat in face not too long ago and I had to Google if I was going to die.  I was worried about diseases (no, I'm not dramatic at all).
4) I am not one to chat on the telephone.  I much prefer talking to face to face with people, so I might very occasionally not answer my phone.
5) I also get nervous ringing places to book appointments...weird but true.
6) I have just started Breaking Bad and yup, I am addicted!!!
7) I once had to sing solo at a baby group because no-one knew the song I had suggested.  It was hell.
8) I really can't sing.
9) I like to fill the kettle up in the morning so it's ready for my cup of tea first thing.
10) I love wearing pajamas and I often consider when is it too early to wear them without being deemed as a slob.
11) I once lost a flip-flop to the ocean whilst trying to help someone in wheelchair on a beach.

So I guess if this was a real awards ceremony, Kanye West might be trying to steal the mic from me about now, but as he is nowhere to be seen, I would now like to do a few thank you's! I am completely new to the world of blogging and my blog is just over two months old.  It's been quite a journey in such a short space of time and whilst I mostly feel quite confident and happy with my blogging, there are times when I wonder if anyone is actually reading it, if it's good enough, if the content is OK, am I actually funny, you know, the usual little self-doubt gremlins creep in.  What has truly surprised me is support from other bloggers.  Their tweets, shout-outs, comments and help have meant so much and I would just like to say thank you! 

First up is Beccy from Bluebell and Bumpkin.  I think Beccy was the first blogger I really started any dialogue with, be it via the internet.  I very timidly sent her an email asking her a question about how to do something on my blog, and she immediately sent a lovely response and really helped! She gave me a little shout out last week and so to you Beccy...thank you, thank you! You blog is just beautiful and I appreciate your help! You can have a peek at Beccy's blog here.

Next up is brummymummyof2.  This lady is absolutely hilarious.  You HAVE to check out her blog now here (after you've finished reading here obviously). It's brilliant.  And this lady helped me understand what the hell a linky was, and also really helped me in linking up with other blogging mums.  Thank you! Thank you!

Next up, is the first ever time I was mentioned in some one else's blog.  Aby from You baby me mummy actually put me on a list of a blog's that people should go and check out!! Woop woop! I actually danced around the bedroom when I saw this.  And my husband was pretty impressed too (with the mention on her blog, not my dancing).  You can check out Aby's lovely blog here.  

And finally a shout out to Kerry from Be a Mummy Blogger, (link here) who gave me a lovely shout out last week on twitter, and also to Helen from Actually Mummy (link here) who actually mentioned me in her best new blogs for August article.  Cue more Beyonce style dancing.  Wow. (At the mention, not my dancing).  Thank you, thank you. 

I now accept my Liebster award and I am well aware I may never be given it again seeing as though I haven't even done it properly.  However, I now have the award and I am making a run for it. Catch me if you can. 


  1. Thank you lovely lady! :) x

  2. Ha! I remember panicking over who to nominate for the Leibster award - it's a solemn task :)

    1. He,he! I may never be nominated for another award EVER seeing as though I didn't even do it properly! Ooops! Thank you so much for reading! x