Friday, 15 August 2014

Lanterns, realisations and a very quick change

As you may or not know, on Fridays I try to pull something together that resembles a Fashion Friday.  And to be fair some weeks have taken more of a creative stance.  I know that if you are looking for up to the minute fashion, clothes a plenty, beautiful photography and amazing modelling, you ain't going to find it here!  What you will find here is a busy mum to a toddler who tries to look her best, doesn't actually buy that many clothes (!) and is pretty rubbish at modelling them in photographs. BUT WAIT...before you go and read some fashion guru's blog...listen up.  This blog post is real life!  This blog post is what's its like as a mum when you can't find a bloody thing to wear and you don't want to drag your poor toddler round town to buy a special outfit. 

So this was the scenario...this Friday I am going out with the husband and another lovely couple for some yummy food, drinks and dancing...and I can't wait!  Baba is having a sleepover at grandma's whilst we are painting the town red.  This means we are not only going out, but we can have a lie in the next morning (at this point I am going to gloss over the fact that my body is so used to getting up at 6am this is probably the time I am going to be awake). I was rummaging in the depths of my wardrobe as you do and could not find a thing that I actually wanted to wear.  So me and Baba went to visit my parents and enter my sister who had just got back from her holidays and had stupidly left her suitcase wide open.  I obviously had a rummage in there and found this very pretty lantern dress.  I have to say she was a little quick to say yes when I asked if I could borrow it, which did make me a little suspicious. After just Googling for the dress, it is actually last seasons and went in the sale recently, which I don't mind at all, but I think my sister must have already worn it alot and hence she has let me loan it. 

If you like this dress, I have found some pretty alternatives here and here.  But wait...after prancing about in this dress and taking about 100 photographs of said prancing (yup unfortunately the above shots were the best ones!!), I started to feel like I could find something better.  You know that horrible feeling when you have an outfit but you don't feel quite right in it?  So, a sudden panic set in as I ransacked my wardrobe yet agian.  Baba was having her afternoon nap, and I began plotting a quick trip to town to see what I could track down (yep, my stance against dragging a toddler around town was going out of the window). I thought I would have a quick internet browse first, and after a long time of finding nothing, then finding something but it was out of stock, I found this little beauty!

This Kate Moss play suit from Topshop is amazing and is currently in the sale link here.  I quickly ordered it and got express delivery to receive it in time for tonight.  I think it is such a classic and can be worn now and then over the winter months too, and you really can't go wrong with black!

Unfortunately I haven't got a picture of me wearing this as I ordered it with such short notice. But, if you pop on over to Instagram and follow me: Lauraevelynbee I promise to upload a picture of me wearing it tonight! (I take no responsibility for any further photographs taken after this...alcohol will be involved!). So without further ado, I am now offer to pamper and preen for a lovely night and I hope I don't want my pajamas on before 10pm (which is an unfortunate side effect of being up so early and running after Baba all day). Please god, make my feet be light, my glass full, and my head relatively clear in the morning!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!



  1. That dress looked lovely on you, and I'm sure the playsuit will too! It's always so much better to go out in something you feel good in! Enjoy your evening! :D
    Lauren xx

    1. Thank you so much! I had an amazing night and the play suit was just perfect! x