Monday, 18 August 2014

My Blog and Me

My little corner of the internet is now 11 weeks old! And wow, what a steep learning curve for me in the world of blogging.  I have not only started my own blog which I have longed to do for such a long time, but I have learnt to tweet, use linkys and got to grips with a hashtag!  I have also learnt that my husband has very little patience in photographing me swirling about in any new purchases (cue me getting creative with a tripod and stack of books).  And for the record I have learnt I am bloody useless at any type of modelling. 

But please don't let me sound negative.  I have also learnt that I absolutely love blogging, and for me writing creatively again is amazing. So whilst somethings are alot harder than I had imagined, it has been so so worth it. 

I realise now when I started out that not only was I a bit clueless, but I was a bit wishy washy in what I was actually going to blog about.  I set myself the schedule of blogging three times a week and having themes of Mummy Mondays, Whatever Wednesdays and Fashion Fridays.  I think this was really useful in the beginning to give me some direction with my blogs.  However, now I feel I want my blog to be a bit more organic, and rather than have the strict blog topics, for me to blog as and when I want to about whatever and in turn to be more creative, which is what I originally set out to do (yep, I did just use the word organic).  

I know I still have so so much to learn, and with only 11 weeks under my little belt of blogging, who knows what changes I will make in the next 11.  But for now, these changes feel right and I am very excited to see how my blog evolves and grows. 

I had originally thought that if I got just one person reading my blog (besides my lovely mum) I would be happy.  But having people not only read, but comment lovely things has been so amazing and encouraging!  I can't promise that my photography or posing will improve but here's to trying. I am excited to see where this next little blogging chapter takes me. 



  1. Congrats on your 11 weeks at blogging. It sure is fun.

    1. Thank you! And thank you for reading :-)