Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask

To me, there is something very satisfying about applying a face mask. Whilst I do reserve the use to special occasions, and I say that very loosely, as special occasions include birthdays, weddings, the end of a stressful week, if my skin feels a bit rubbish, if I think I suddenly aged overnight (which did happen once)...well, basically I use a mask quite often.  I usually have a few sachets or containers of one face mask or another lurking in the depths of a drawer, but there is one face mask I always go back to and that is the Sanctuary 5 min Thermal Detox Mask.  This mask is amazing. 

You apply the mask to clean,wet skin and then apply a thin, even layer to your face.  As soon as it hits your skin, it immediately warms.  It gets warmer and warmer until you think you may be on the brink of a spontaneous combustion, but then the warmness stays, well just warm.  Not to scare you or anything.  It doesn't feel like your skin is burning, it's a nice sensation. I think it is just surprising how warm it actually feels (hmm, think I over-used the word 'warm' there). 

Back when I was young, free and basically had money to burn (no house, no baby, no real bills to pay), I used to happily buy a tube of this good stuff, which is £10.50.  Nowadays, being a bit more frivolous, I tend to buy the sachets which are £3.00 each.  There is easily enough for two applications in the sachet, and I have just used one twice and now have enough for a mini-face mask third!!! I am fully aware that the price per ml is alot better value in the tube, but I usually pop this in towards the end of my shop when I have already spent a small fortune on other 'essentials' at Boots, so the sachet seems more economical for the tallying up at the till!

Worryingly, I did apply this mask last week.  My daughter noticed straight away and was giggling.  My husband did not notice, and I don't know if that says more about what I look like first thing in the morning or his lack of observational skills.  

After leaving for 5 minutes and relaxing, (or chasing Baba around), my skin feels like it has been thoroughly cleaned and purified.  And there is none of that horrible tightness you can sometimes feel post-face mask. I have quite sensitive skin and this mask has caused me no irritation at all. It might not make you look ten years younger, tidy your house or get your little one dressed, but it certainly gives your skin an amazing pick me up, and your skin looks and feels lovely. Next time you are in Boots, pop this little beauty into your bag. You won't be disappointed!


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