Friday, 1 August 2014

The Milk Maid Braid (or the hairstyle my husband hates)

At the moment my Instagram feed appears to be of everyone and their dog sporting a milkmaid braid.  After restraining for some time not to follow suit, I thought what the hell, lets give it a go.  Another rationale for trying this style was the fact that I had seen Alexa Chung sporting the look, so as usual, if its good enough for Alexa its good enough for me.

After a brief Google, and I am not kidding, I found the most complicated video of how to do this look, it would actually entail being double jointed and having arms the length of an Orangutan.  I then decided to just go for it and see how it turned out.  Amazingly, I did this in under 10 minutes, first time.  Which rarely ever happens to me, but also shows how easy this style is.

I love this style so much, not only for how fast I can do it, but also because it stays in place all day and keeps my hair off my face.  After wearing this style for a few days straight, my husband confessed he hated it and couldn't help think of Star Wars.  I have since informed him princess Leia actually wore her plaits on the side of her head.  Humph.  As it stands I still love this style and my husband is keeping quiet on it.  But enough about me, let me show you how I do this very simple hairstyle.

The Milk Maid Braid.
Create a middle parting and continue to the back of your head so you have two sections.

Now plait on of the sections, starting just above and behind your ear.

Tie with a clear hair band. 

Now plait the other side. 

Now take your first plait and lay it over the top of your head.  Secure the ends with two bobby pins.

Take your other plait and lay this over the top.  Try and place it so it overlaps the ends of the first plait and its ends tuck under the first plait.  Secure with another two bobby pins.

And ta-dah! A plait fit for a milk maid!

What are your thoughts? Do you like this hairstyle or should it banished to the milking shed?
Comments, as always, are very very welcome below!
And yay!Its Friday! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


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  1. It's lovely! Simple to do and it makes such a pretty statement.

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