Friday, 5 September 2014

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Up until relatively recently, baby showers' were predominantly an American celebration.  But it seem its baby shower a go-go in England now and I have now attended a fair few. I have to admit I LOVE them. I definitely get caught up in the excitement that being pregnant and expecting a new baby brings.  I know for the skeptics out there, its just another reason to buy gifts, but for me, I think it's such a special time, and I certainly look back on my own baby shower with very happy memories.  

It's also become customary to give a little gift at baby showers. And again, I love this.  I don't think it has to be anything too big as I love to buy a gift when baby arrives, but I think a gift for the mum and dad to be is a lovely thing to do.  Within our group of girl friends, we are attending a baby shower this weekend, and rather than buy things individually we have all clubbed together for our gift. Here's what we got...

If you have read any of my other gift blogs (you haven't?! why have a little read here), I love a bit of cellophane.  So it seemed only right to put my cellophaning skills to good use and put together a gift basket for the mum to be.  We all put in £10, so this basket cost £40 all together, but you could certainly make this cheaper or more expensive if you wished. 

Inside our basket is:

-a book for baby with lots of bright colours and textures from T K Maxx - its amazing for baby books

-a duck rattle from Marks and Spencer

-a little girl baby gro from Marks and Spencer (too cute!)

-a cellulose blanket (picked this up from Aldi would you believe!)

-a teething toy for when baby's gnashers come through, also picked this up in Aldi

-a £15 spa treatment voucher for the mum-to-be

-a Gisele Graham elephant photo frame

-basket from a selection at T K Maxx

But you don't have to all go in together to get a thoughtful gift, I also attended a baby shower a few months ago and this is a lovely little present I picked out from just me...

If you are ever stuck for a gift, you can't go wrong with the Lamaze toys.  They are such lovely quality, are very cute and are very stimulating to little babies senses.  Plus when the mum-to-be unwraps it, the room goes 'ahhhh'.  You can also pick up some gorgeous mum-to-be cards too now.  I'm a sucker for a nice card!!!

If you are off to a baby shower, hope this has inspired you with any gifts you might buy.  I'm off to practice my skills for a pin the sperm on the egg game and baby predictions that another friend has organised!!!! Wish me luck!!!


  1. This is a brilliant post I will definitely refer to when I next go to a baby shower. I love hampers and they are a great way to give new mums all those essentials they might not think about. I have just pinned your post on my 'Baby Shower' board and on a shared board for great posts. x

    1. Thank you thank you! That is very kind of you! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting x

  2. Such a lovely gifts. I have a month ago from Ginger Kids during the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Check it out!