Friday, 19 September 2014

Holey jeans & Batfink in a cardigan

Back in the day, maybe 10 years ago when me and my husband were at university, if was very cool to have ripped jeans.  Oh yes indeedy, if you had a rip in your jeans, you were one of the cool kids. I can remember my husband kindly ripping my jeans for me which I don't think my mum was too impressed with.  I can also remember my husband's mum sewing all his rips up when he took his washing home once, and he wasn't too impressed with that either.  Fast forward all those years, and the rips are back in.  I did debate ripping into a pair of jeans in my wardrobe, but didn't want to risk the ripped look going back out of fashion again, and me being left with some holey jeans. 

Primark came to my rescue, and I picked these beauties up for £12 last week.  They are very comfy and the rips are in the right places-I didn't want a thigh or bum rip, I was quite happy with just a rip at the knee thank you very much! These jeans fit really well and don't get baggy even after a few wears. Paired with a t-shirt for the day, or even heels and a cute top for the night I think I will be getting some wear out of these over the new few months. 

I also picked up this gorgeous blue cardigan from Primark for £8. It is so so soft and I love this hue of blue.  My usual Autumn dressing involves all my Summer clothes with a cardigan on top, so this is perfect!

(It's the perfect size for pretending you are BatFink).

What are your new season wardrobe pieces? Please let me know in the comments! Happy Friday!

"Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day", Shira Tamir. 


  1. I love the jeans, they look fab on you! #fashionfriday

  2. Great jeans! I remember those ripped jeans days too - I used to spend ages pulling at tiny little holes in mine to try and get them to look like they had the perfect 'natural' rip!

    1. Let's hope they stay in fashion a bit so I don't have to resort to sewing them up! :-) x

  3. Looking gorgeous! Thanks for linking up x