Friday, 12 September 2014

In The Light Of The Moon

When I was pregnant with Baba I had read in a book somewhere (for once not Google) that you should read to your bump, and not being one to miss out on anything, I began to read Baba the hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Such a lovely, lovely story.  To this day, its still a favourite in our household and my husband especially loves acting out eating all the delicious food that the very hungry caterpillar ate up. 

We have never actually been to a butterfly farm, and as my husband had a day off for his birthday I thought it would be the perfect chance to go.  I have to point out here that my husband isn't the greatest fan of things flying around his head, so you could say this wasn't the best birthday present.  BUT, we all absolutely loved it, and I think my husband has a new appreciation of butterflies now (thank god he hasn't developed a phobia). 

We went to the Stratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm and it was magical! A link to their page is here. I have never seen such beautiful or big butterflies. There were just hundreds in the air, it really was spectacular. You walk round a little path in this very hot greenhouse, around a little pond with giant carp in the middle. As well as the hundreds of butterflies flying through the air there is a caterpillar and cocoon section, and also a bug exhibit with the usual suspect creepy crawlies of spiders, snakes and lizards.

We spent a good few hours just wandering around and then sitting and trying to spot all the different types of butterfly.  The butterflies even land on you and you can feed them fruit.

It was only £6.25 for each of us to get in, and under 3's are free. The ticket also meant you could come and go all day as you pleased. This little gem is definitely worth a visit, and I think it is so good to show little ones things from their much beloved bedtime stories. 

My top tips for visiting are:

-There are no toilets on site, but there are toilets on the car park just down the drive from the Farm
-There isn't a cafe but you can buy drinks and snacks in the shop. Outside the farm is a lovely picnic area and there are places to eat very nearby. 
-Don't wear too many layers.  It is very humid once inside. 
-If you can, don't take your pram inside.  I did see a mum pushing a pram around, but for ease, we left ours at the reception and Baba walked round.  If your little one is really little I would opt for a baby carrier.
-A camera is a must.  Its beautiful!

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty", Maya Angelou. 

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  1. I adore the wonderful colours on butterflies. It looks so magical there and good value too. I had never thought to attract butterflies with oranges. May be we will leave some out for them here at Coombe Mill. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Yes they appear to love oranges! Thank you for such a fab linky. x

  2. They are so lovely! Must be magical to be with so many butterflies =) #countrykids