Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Sister Tag

Ahhh sisters, where would we be without them?! My lovely little sister agreed to complete the sister tag with me whilst we were both at our parents house for Sunday lunch.  I have taken the questions from the lovely You-Tuber, Amelia Liana, who recently did the sister tag. Go and check her out if you haven't seen her before.  She's ace. Anyways, onto me and my sister.  Here's what happened when we both sat down to answer the questions...

1. What is the age difference between you both? 

Me: How many years younger are you?
Rachel: (Raises eyebrows). Three. 

2. Do people ever get you both confused?

Rachel: Yes.  Mum does all the time.  She never knows who she is talking to. 
Me: Yeah.  I don't think anyone else gets us confused though. 

3.What is the last text you sent each other?

Me: (laughs). 
Rachel: I text you saying, "Do you get paid for this task? Ha,ha. Yes I will worries". This was because you had asked me to do this tag today and I was seeing if I got paid!
Me: For the record you don't Rachel. And my text reply was,  "Errrr no! Ok, I will ask you some questions and need to take some pictures of us together so you will need to be dressed with make up on xxx". Ha,ha! I wanted to make sure you weren't slobbing about in your pjs! 
Rachel:(rolls eyebrows).  

4. Name one of the others annoying habits?

Rachel: (Without hesitation) You're bossy.
Me: You need bossing about, you need direction!
Rachel: (Expletive- that isn't appropriate for my blog).
Laura: Erm I can't think of your annoying habits off hand. Ermmm.
How you say 'work' is really annoying.  You sort of say 'werk'.
Rachel: At least I go to work. 
Laura: Shut up. 

5. What is one thing you enjoy doing together?

Rachel: Shopping.
Me: You live in Manchester so when we do see each other we tend to be out and about doing stuff, like going for days out. 
Rachel: And we also argue over Sunday lunch at mum's house. 

6. Do you get on?

Rachel:(laughs). Not really. 
Me: Would you care to expand?
Rachel: We are very different.  You're very sensible and I am very spontaneous. 
Me: (laughs). We get on more now than we used to. 
Rachel: That's because we don't live together. 
Me: I've thought of a better annoying habit now.  You are way too sarcastic. 
Rachel: I call it wit. 
Me: Hmmm. 

7. What can you do that the other sister can't?

Rachel: (Thinks for a while). 
Me: I can sing.
Rachel: Errrmmm. No. No, you can't Laura. Don't write that. You are more thoughtful than me.
Me: You can party til dawn and I can't. 
Rachel: True. True. Though I'm usually in bed by 2am.
Me: OK, til 2am. 

8. Who takes longer to get ready? 

Rachel: You.
Me: Do you think? I always think you faff about more than me and then sit watching TV.
Rachel: Exactly.  I'm so quick I have lots of time to spare. 

9. Share an old photo of you both. 

Me: Ha,ha...we have the same fringe and we are in the same top! Awww! I'm definitely the cute one!
Rachel: (Expletive, again, really not suitable for my blog). 

Ahhh I am sure the sisterly love just shines from the page in this post!!! Reading it back there were alot of shut-ups and insults, sisterly love is a very complicated thing! Thank you to my lovely little sister Rachel for answering all the questions, and for her guest appearance on my blog today!

Have you got a sister and fancy doing this tag? If you do, be sure to comment below so I can read yours! 

AS always, thanks for reading, 

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  1. What a lovely relationship you have with each other, I really enjoyed reading this blog.

  2. Replies
    1. :-)
      Thank you for reading and for stopping by! x

  3. How cute are you guys and I have to admit there's no way people could mistake you for not being sisters! Fabulously sweet post! Thanks for linking up with the #MMWBH xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for such a great linky :-) x

  4. That is so sweet! I wish I had a sister (still love my 3 brothers, but that's different, isn't it?). The two of you look like two peas in a pod!

  5. Ahhh the sister tag! This is so cute! I love it! I have a sister who lives in London. She is up at the weekend. If I suggested to do this she would a) tell me to f off or b) be really horrible about me. But that's the joy of sisters eh! x

    1. Ahhh you should definitely do the sister tag! Would love to see your sister and see her may not like it but it would make for a great post!! The joy of sisters indeed :-) x