Monday, 20 October 2014

DIY photo cube

When my daughter was little I was constantly worrying (amongst a million another things, like I am doing this right to am I Googling about parenting too much) about her development.  I wanted to ensure I was stimulating her enough, (but not too much!) and giving her lots of opportunity to grow and explore.  I was constantly looking at different ways to aid her development and find new ways to entertain her.

Babies love looking at faces. Fact.  Researchers have found that babies look longer at cards with three dots on them that resembled the pattern of a face (i.e, two eyes and a nose) against cards with random dots on them.  Looking at photographs also helps babies in understanding their world and learning about their caregivers and family.  Now, you could just sit you baby in front of your I-phone and show them the million photographs you have stored on there...or (and this is much better) you can make your own photo cube! And its so so easy! 

I made this for my daughter when she was about three months old and she adored it! She loved rolling it, licking it (!) and staring at all the faces.  She then progressed to pointing to faces and saying the names (obviously a little while later). She is now two and even still, she will get it out to look at the photographs.  So this is well worth making. 

Oh. Hold on.  This is where I turn all Blue Petery: 

You will need:

An empty cube box of tissues
6 square photographs
celloptape or sticky backed plastic (depending on how crafty you are)
scissors (obviously!)

I strengthened the  sides of the box first with some extra cardboard, but you don't have to do this. Then, stick your photographs onto each side of the cube.  We used group shots of family (we didn't want to leave any one out), and even Pablo T dog makes an appearance which my daughter was thoroughly impressed by!   

Next, lay strips of cellotape over each photograph to make it stronger and more durable.  I'm not that crafty, so I am sure those of you that are will do a better job than me! And that's it! Voila! A beautiful home made photo cube! A very cheap and easy toy to make for your little one that is educational too! And I promise they will love it!

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Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. What a fabulous idea! Wish I had thought about this four years ago! I will be sure to share this idea with my friends with babies. #TeamMM

  2. This is a super idea. I love it #pintorials

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by x

  3. I love this! How cute. definitely going to keep this in mind for future gift ideas :)


  4. Fantastic - love this (actually reminded me of my Italian Granny 'Nonna' who had something similar with photos of us on as babies)!

  5. Oh I love this! Such a simple but great idea, will have to try it for my bub!

    1. They will love it! Thank you so much for commenting and popping by x