Friday, 24 October 2014

Ted Baker Nail Wraps

I always like to attempt a bit of nail art...unfortunately it usually ends up not quite going to plan and my candy striped nails got a lot of likes from football fans...that wasn't the look I was aiming for! Never one to give up, it was my best friends hen party last weekend and I thought I would give nail wraps a go.  And just to say to you straight HAVE to try nail wraps...they are amazing!!!

The ones I picked up were the Ted Baker That's a Wrap in black floral, you can pick them up from Boots here.  I completely misread the packaging as it read 14 nail polish strips, I presumed (wrongly) that this pack would last me a few uses as it was...ahem...£7.50 (please husband don't read this post). What you actually get in the pack is 14 nail 10 for your nails and an extra 4 as spare. I know this sounds a little costly (OK...bloody expensive), but the design on these was very intricate and so pretty, so I thought I would treat myself.  

I was a little worried as to the application, but as with most things, a quick search on You Tube and a few tutorials later I felt prepared.  Basically you just have to make sure your nails are clean and smooth (I used a nail block to achieve this).  You then just peel off one of the nail strips,

and then apply to your nail starting at the cuticle and pushing up. Then you very gently file the top edge off so it fits to your nail.  

I have very short nails, but I managed to still apply them fine. I would say it took me about 30 minutes to do all 10 nails. I did apply a clear top coat as I had read this makes the nail wraps last a bit longer. 

The pattern on these is so pretty.  But I will say that I will look more closely at the packaging next time as on some of the nails, the pattern was down one end of the wrap and that was the end I was filing off, so some nails did not have much pattern on them.  My little finger in the picture below still needs to be filed as the wrap is hanging over slightly. 

Now, I know what your thinking.  £7.50 seems to be quite alot of money for a one off nail wrap, but, I have to say, there is no way my nails would look that good if I painted them.  Also, the wraps lasted from the Friday night to the following Thursday with a few minor tears.  And, I am forever washing my hands and washing up so this is pretty amazing.  I only took them off on Thursday because my beautiful daughter kindly decided to peel one off. 

When I was perusing the pound shop last week, I did spy some Myleene Klass nail strips that were three packs for a £1 so I might give those a go too.  I can honestly say I think you will be very pleasantly surprised if you give nail wraps a go, and I will definitely be buying them again.  I think they are also perfect for that special night out, or even Christmas.  And the cost is cheaper than a standard manicure.  What do you think? Have you tried nail wraps before? 

Thank you for reading and woop woop....its Friday! 

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  1. Oh wow these look great and really easy to apply! My nails are in a shocking state as I don't have time to maintain them, and on the rare occasion I do paint them I get frustrated at how easily they chip, even with the more expensive polishes. This could be the answer! x

    1. I think they are definitely the answer! You have to try them! :-) x