Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Blues, the hardest things, big rewards and a hen

Good morning everyone :-)
I thought I would do a quick post to bring you up to date with the goings on in the Bee household.  It's been a funny old month really with some amazing high's but also some low's too. I've got some exciting posts planned for my blog but wanted to do a quick life lately. Here it is.

1. The Leicester half marathon. 
Wow.  This run seems to have taken up my life recently.  Thinking about it, training for it, preparing for it, fundraising for it and crying abut it.  I actually run the race this Sunday and I feel a mixture of excitement and actual fear.  I am running for UNICEF and whilst it's all going to be worth it, its been alot tougher than I ever thought.  But I often think that the things that scare us most in life are usually the things that we get the most achievement and joy from at the same time. Life's too short not to challenge ourselves, and I know for a fact when they wheel me around an old person's home in many many years to come, I will be telling whoever will listen that I ran a half marathon once, y'know!    

2. The Manchester Hen
My gorgeous best friend Jo is getting married next month and I was in charge of her hen party in Manchester that took place at the weekend. It was amazing (if I do say so myself), and I'm still recovering (!). I have some amazing hen party gift ideas and a fab itinerary that I will be posting soon.  Again, whilst I stressed alot about this and it took so much time of my time up, it was totally worth it and gave me the biggest buzz knowing that my friend loved it.  

3. Holiday in Cornwall
At the end of September, (though this now seems like a distant memory), we went to Cornwall and had an amazing week by the seaside. Miraculously the weather was amazing and it felt like we were abroad, unlike the gale force winds that are roaring past my window as I type.  I did feel like I had brought home another two families washing and ironing back with me for the amount that fell out of our cases when we unpacked. It always takes me a while to get back into the swing of things from a holiday. 

4. Feeling Blue 
I read so many blogs that I think sometimes my view of people's lives gets a bit skewed and I think others have a pretty much problem free and happy life.  But in reality, we all know different, and I kind of wanted my blog to reflect that.  At the beginning of the month I kind of felt blue.  Not the blue that you feel if you are having a bad day, this blue wanted to set up camp on my shoulder and I just could not shake it off. 

At first I felt guilty for even feeling sad. How can you feel sad when you have so much to be thankful for?  But you know what, I am saying its OK to be sad.  I think feeling down is OK.  Personally, I think its your minds way of dealing with things, and its nothing to be ashamed of. 

I don't know if its increased social media where we see peoples representations of their lives, or just a general way of thinking, but alot of the time its forced upon us to be happy, to be the best we can be, to live life to the fullest, and whilst that is all well and good, you know what, sometimes life can just get you down. 

I won't go into the details as to why I felt blue, but, yes, I cried, I stomped about and I was probably a pain to live with (sorry Mr.Bee).  I tried to do things that made me happy and tried to eliminate anything that made me stressed.  To try and describe it better, its those days where everything appears to go wrong, and usually you would just shrug things off, but because of how I was feeling, everything seemed worse. So for example, Baba doesn't make it to the potty or has a temper tantrum right before we leave the house, normally I take a deep breath and deal with it, this month I sat and wailed over how unfair it was that I had to clean up poop from the carpet again (I'm looking back and smiling at maybe how dramatic I was).  But that's the thing when you do feel a bit down. The bigger picture kinda goes out of the window and things are magnified.  

It did come to a point where I forced myself out of the house when I just wanted to hide under a duvet.  I mean you can't hide under there forever. And, after a little while, its almost like I turned around and suddenly there was no sadness ready to jump out at me the moment I felt OK.  I now feel like me again.  And it's such a nice feeling.  

I hope if you are reading this and having a bad day, week or month, that you find some comfort in the fact that most people feel like you are feeling now. And that is absolutely fine. 

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  1. I get blue sometimes, randomly, for no real reason. It's tough cause we feel down but then feel guilty for being down when we have nothing to feel down about. I have no words of wisdom, just to let you know that you're not alone. :)

  2. A great quote, and just enough to pick anyone back up from their blues. We all feel it sometimes, and it's true what you say--the bigger picture goes out the window and everything gets magnified when the blues are upon us. I get irrational and frustrated when I get the blues. Coupled with a couple of wails, I get over it like you do and force myself a change of scenery. Trust me, we all go through it, and deal with it in various ways.

  3. Oh huni, I hope you are feeling better now. When I was diagnosed with PND I felt such massive guilt, I hadn't got the right to be depressed I had everything I wanted, but it doesn't work like that. We feel how we feel and having everything in the world or nothing makes little difference sometimes xx #MMWBH

  4. Before you have children, you just picture yourself with a baby in arms. After you have given birth, reality can hit you in the face. Things can be tough, Not every day is a good day and that's OK. It is nice you had a great time at your best friend's hen do (well done for organising it!) and good luck for the half-marathon. x

  5. Wow good luck on your marathon. That's awesome. It's hard its so different before you have children and when that baby comes in your life everything changes. It's ok to have tough days. great that you had a great time with best friend. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. I started really feeling bad lately too. Could this be SAD. Whatever it is, it is not nice to feel but yes nice to know that I am not alone. Hope you and I will feel wee bit better soon =) #mmwbh