Friday, 3 October 2014

The toddler fashion haul

You are definitely a mum when you go shopping and come home with a bag full of clothes for your little one and not so much as a pair of socks for yourself! This is exactly what happened when me and Baba went shopping this week.  

I had had a huge sort-out of her clothes last weekend and amassed two huge piles of clothes.  One for charity and another pile that had seen way better days and were only fit for cleaning rags. Unfortunately, what we were left with was a few party dresses and some tights. 

I had popped to Asda the previous week to pick up a few things, and I had noticed what lovely clothes they had for little ones.  Also, it's easier to jump in the car and get to Asda sometimes than to travel to town and then trawl around.  I think some people have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying supermarket clothes, but I'm really not a snob when it comes to clothes.  As long as the design, quality and price is right, I don't mind what shop the clothes are from, so Asda it was.  This is what we picked up:

How cute is this? If this was in my size, I would snap it up! It will look cute with tights and a little top underneath. This was £8. 

Baba picked this out herself so I think she likes the colour.  I thought it was very Autumnal.  This was £5.

Baba is a big fan of owls, so a top and dress with owls was an obvious choice in our haul. This two piece was only £10. 

And then it goes without saying we needed the basics of socks, pants and vests!!! This is actually the first time we have bought vests as Baba is now potty trained.  Quite a momentous occasion!

So that is our mini toddler haul which I hope you enjoyed.  Please leave a comment below with any bargain toddler shops you have found! I am going to do an updated potty training post soon, but if you haven't read it already and fancy a laugh (!), I blogged about our first week of potty training here.

As always, thank you for reading!  

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