Friday, 21 November 2014

A hat and a scarf. Simple.

I have to admit, Summer used to be my favourite.  Warm weather, flip flops and holidays.  But Winter is definitely growing on me. There's the obvious Christmas and snowman making (that I only actually enjoy for two minutes because making a snowman is bloody hard).  But then there's the winter accessories too.  And is it just me, or are the accessories a vast improvement from years gone by? I can remember my younger self wearing my ear muffs and mittens on a string that had remnants of crisps stuck to them from the week before...hmm maybe that was just me then. But now there are mittens, muffs, scarf's, hats, knits and snood's to name but a few. This is obviously leading up to some new purchases.

The first item actually does some good other than just keeping me warm. Its one of the wonderful alphabet scarves from Matalan.  All proceeds from the sale of the scarves go to the Alder Hey Children's Charity. What's not to love about that?  On top of that, the scarves are of such good quality.  They are so so soft, a really great length, and they come in a range of lovely shades with a choice of initial. 

And did I mention none other than Sarah Jessica Parker has one? Well, if its good enough for her, its certainly good enough for me.  I picked up a dusky pink scarf with the letter 'L' in grey.  

I absolutely love it, and it feels good to be giving back too. For just £10 you can pick up one of the alphabet scarves here. (And I think they would make a great Christmas present too!). 

My second purchase is from H&M. Oh! They have got some gorgeous clothes and accessories in at the moment.  Definitely worth taking a look.  I picked up this fantastic bobble hat in grey for £6.99.(Insert dodgy posed hat wearing pic here).  

Again, its so so soft.  I really can't be doing with any scratchy materials in the cold.  And to be honest, if you are going to do a bobble hat, you may as well do the bobble hat and get a big one, lets not mess around here.  Plus it's a fact that you lose half your body heat from your head.

Well, apparently that not true. I've just Googled it, and apparently its a myth!  But, a hat definitely helps you keep warm to some extent, and if it looks good too, its win win.  I've had a search on the H&M website but I can't find the exact match to this one, have a look here for some pretty similar.  

Right, I'm off now to brace the cold and look particularly stylish walking Pablo T Dog. Ok, what's actually going to happen is Baba will yank my hat all the way over my eyes and probably want to wear it, and then my scarf will get caught up in the pram.  But please, just think of me elegantly and stylishly walking the dog.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.  

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  1. So cute! Love the scarf and hat!

  2. Oooh I am getting myself to Matalan! I love that scarf and the fact that the money goes to charity. Win! x

    1. I know! The scarf is just amazing! Definitely go get one! :-) x

  3. Lovely accessories to keep you warm this winter. I absolutely love the cold bright days, but struggle with the grey rainy ones (don't we all?) #PoCoLo

    1. Thank you and thanks for reading and stopping by x

  4. Replies
    1. Aww thank you! I still really struggle with any kind of selfie :-0

  5. I love that hat! Really suits you. x

  6. Love this whole look, gorgeous snuggly hat and scarve and adore your striped top, you look gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday