Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Falling by Emma Kavanagh

I'm at the point in my life.  No,no,no.  Let me rephrase that.  My daughter is at the two year old point in her life where I don't have that much time for books.  Gone are the days where I spent whole mornings snuggled in bed with a good book, long soaks getting way too wrinkly immersing myself in another time and place (sob!). I need a book that grabs me from the very first page page or else it will take me a good 6 months to get round to finishing it.  Unfortunately, the last few books I have read haven't been page turners and alas, they grew dustier and dustier on my bedside table before I managed to finish them. Then along came Falling by Emma Kavanagh. 

I love a thriller, and this book is certainly a thriller.  Not a thriller in so much as that you won't sleep for week, but a thriller in that you really can't figure out where the story is going, who is the murderer, how events are linked...until the very last pages!!!  

This is Emma Kavanagh's debut novel and the woman is a genius.  Her story telling ability means you are hooked from the start.  There was no waiting for the story to begin and pick up pace.  It started from the first page which I loved and needed! 

The story is set in Britain and I loved that for once, I could actually picture the places and towns as it all sounded so real and familiar to me.  I am a little cautious as to how much to say about the story but I will say there is a plane crash and a murder, and four characters that all have something to hide!  

Sometimes with thrillers, the beauty of language can get a bit lost, but this is not the case in Falling.  Emma really sets the scene before delicately planting the seeds of suspicion and suspense. For some reason I really liked this snippet: 

"She was staring out through the patio doors at the garden, trees drooping under the weight of snow.  Watching as a bird launches itself into flight, branches bending, springing back, a flurry of snow falling to the winding path.  There were fresh tears on her cheeks. The renewed pain of recollection". 

The characters are believable and complex.  It reflects life that you really have no idea of a person's life or their journey. Or their secrets. 

If you have lots to do, then don't buy this book as none of your 'to-do list' is going to get done.  It really will grip and intrigue you until you've finished it! This is an amazing novel and I will certainly be looking out for Emma's work in the future!   

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This book was sent to me by Mumsnet for review.  This review is 100% my own and genuine. I truly believe this to be an amazing read and quite a page turner!


  1. Sounds like a great book. Buying now!

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  3. I love a good thriller definitely going to get a copy for my kindle :)