Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas - 02.12.14

There is alot of excitement that comes with the beginning of December. Mince pies (who am I kidding, I was eating them in November), Christmas songs, rolls of cellotape and missing scissors, and of course, it is truly the start of the Christmas countdown. This can only mean one thing. Advent calendars!!!

Baba has this cute mouse advent calendar that I picked up from T K Max (I just love this shop at the moment). There is a little wooden heart that you move along every day.  

I also bought her some Goodies organic gingerbread men so she can have one as a little treat too (she's very lucky!!). The gingerbread have no artificial colours, flavours, or hydrogenated fats and also have no added salt. I picked them up in Tesco for under £2 per box. 

I am one very, very lucky lady this year and my lovely, lovely husband picked me up the Benefit calendar! Woop woop!!! I have been dreaming of this calendar since last year, and probably to shut me up and get some peace, the calendar has now become mine!!!! Behind each little door is a Benefit treat of samples and other goodies, as a huge Benefit fan, this calendar is just amazing!!! (Pop over to my Instagram for pics of the goodies inside!). 

For Mr.Bee I have started a tradition (!) where I have a little box that I fill with a different treat each day that he opens every morning.  It might be chocolate, a pair of Christmas socks or another little gift.  It might sound a bit OTT, but all the gifts are quite small, and Baba and Mr. Bee quite enjoyed opening the box every morning last year to see what was in there.  Plus, with all Mr.Bee does for me, I think its only fair he has a little treat before he heads off to work, and it actually starts our mornings off in a nice Christmassy mood which can't be a bad thing. 

So here's the box:

and whilst I will win no prizes for my crafting skills (how I envy those lovely craft blogs), its home-made and its the best I could do :-)
(Please save your laughs until you have clicked off my blog!!!). 

So that's our advent calendars this year.  Do you do advent calendars and what ones do you have? 

Hope you are all enjoying the second day of Blogmas and see you tomorrow at 6am!

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  1. Oh I love the advent calendar for Mr. Bee and I am very impressed with your crafting skills!


  2. Lovely ideas here, whoo yummy mince pies ...