Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Blogmas - 03.12.14

Christmas has well and truly arrived in the Laura Evelyn Bee household and today we put up our Christmas decorations!!! We had a Christmas music channel on in the background and I have to say Baba seemed quite bemused my East 17 prancing about in big woolly hoods!! How could I explain to my daughter that East 17 used to be cool? (For anyone who doesn't know who they are...maybe just Google them. They used to be the bees knees back in the 90s!!!). I've taken some photographs so you can have a nosey at what we put up.  All photos obviously come compete with Pablo T Dog in the background and of course Baba who suddenly appears out of nowhere the minute I try and take an arty shot!

Hanging the decorations.  Obviously we broke some and then obviously I re-hung all of the ones that Baba and my husband put on the tree. Its got to look symmetrical. 

Ta-dah! The tree in all its Christmas glory. 

Our stockings (and me in my woolly hat!).


I love a Christmas cushion, or two. 

My husband bought me this from his recent work trip to America.  It smells gorgeous!!! Though makes me slightly hungry!! And this is the shot where I told Baba to stand well back.  Hmmmm. The little monkey!!!

Our house is well and truly Christmassy now, and the countdown to the big day is well and truly on!!! I hope you are all having a lovely day and I will see you nice and early tomorrow for a little road trip!!!

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  1. Love your Christmas decorations - we've yet to put ours up but we have Christmas music playing all day on the stereo! :-)

  2. I love your Christmas decorations, your tree looks really nice! :)