Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas - 04.12.14

I love going and exploring new places, and when my lovely husband asked if me and Baba wanted to tag along on his business trip to Windsor, I obviously jumped at the chance!  I hadn't been to Windsor for a very, very long time, and when we arrived in the evening it was even more picturesque than I had remembered.  We took a leisurely stroll and walked past Windsor Castle, pretty Royal Christmas lights and then we all went for a bite to eat. 

How cool is this painted phone box outside the Castle?

Windsor castle was all lit up, with projections of various pictures and snow cast on its side. 

Taking an evening stroll. 

The crown jewels Christmas lights. 

The next day, Mr Bee had to leave early for his meeting, so me and Baba did a spot of Christmas shopping in the town and then we made our way to Windsor Castle.  I was a bit nervous, as it was only me and Baba and a pushchair.  Sometimes it can be quite hard to manage the two.  I have to say, the staff were wonderful.  I was helped everywhere, and the stewards all chatted to Baba and were so friendly and welcoming. As a mum on your own with a toddler, this makes such a difference!!

Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside the main area inside the castle, which are called the State Apartments, and you also have to leave pushchairs at the entrance. Baba managed to walk round most of the way, and she was fascinated!!! 

There is the most amazing giant dolls house that belonged to Queen Mary. I don't think I can even do it justice to describe it.  It is so intricate and the detail is phenomenal. Baba enjoyed seeing all the rooms and furniture and one of the stewards challenged her to find a little dog in there.  (Special thanks to him if he ever reads this, he will know who he is and he was so lovely to us!). We then wandered round the rest of the castle.  You can do a free audio tour, and I'm sure if I had done that, I would have some interesting facts for you.  But with Baba in tow, we literally just wandered round and marvelled at the chandeliers, the paintings, the beds and the ceilings. And I think sometimes it is special just to do that. To just take everything in that you are seeing, without trying to concentrate on all the facts. It was just being in the moment with Baba and appreciating all of the treasures.    

The castle is also decorated at the moment with the most beautiful Christmas trees I have ever seen!  We collected the pushchair at the end of our walk round and then we made our way into the grounds. Luckily, we caught the changing of the guard ceremony which Baba was amazed by!  She could not believe these were real live guards were marching!!! 

Afterwards, we had time for a bit more shopping, and we stopped at a cafe for a spot of lunch.  This all might sound idyllic, but I managed to spill a whole jug of milk down myself in the cafe.  Not my best moment, but I gritted my teeth and carried on smiling and we got on with our girls day.  With the lovely smell of warm milk following us. 

We wandered round the shops some more, and found the famous crooked house and more quaint shops and streets before Mr.Bee came to pick us up.  

Windsor is so worth a trip and I cannot recommend to you enough a trip to Windsor Castle.  My daughter is only two and a half, but she is still talking about the guards and the dolls house.  And the shops in Windsor are definitely worth a look too! You can find more information on Windsor Castle here.

So that's our Blogmas day four and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for some very prickly and festive fun!!! Thank you for reading and to stay up to date with Blogmas 2014, click on any of those little links to your right!!!

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  1. Oh how lovely, and how sweet is your daughter! I have not been to Windsor for many many years, I really must go!

    Beccy x

    1. Thank you! Yes you must go again...we had such a lovely day (minus the milk incident!) x

  2. Looks like a fun time! Glad you all had a good time :)


  3. I love the idea of Blogmas! Great name. I've never been to Windsor Castle, looks really fab. I went to Windsor on a hen do - completely different experience ;)

    1. I bet it was!!! ;-)
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! x

  4. Oooh you've inspired me with this, we live near Windsor but haven't taken the children for ages, they'd love it!!!

    1. Yes you must go! And the Christmas trees were stunning! x

  5. Stunning post, we love Windsor and nearly moved there when we lived in London although I freaked out it was too far, then a few years later moved to Leeds! Ha! Stunning festive feel there! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x