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Blogmas - 10.12.14

The lovely thing about having such supportive friends and family is that as word of my blog has spread, they have all become regular readers (hi guys!).  The only bad thing about this is that when it comes to Christmas gifts, I can't share any of the presents I have bought on here as they are all going to know what I have bought them! So, with this in mind, I thought I would do a little Christmas gift guide of the products and objects I already own and love. Things that I would LOVE to receive this Christmas (if I didn't already have them), and a few choice picks of what my two and half year old daughter loves too.

So, make-up first. And no make-up collection would be complete without one of the Urban Decay palettes.  These beauties are AMAZING!!! A true classic and make up staple.  You really can't go wrong buying someone one of these if they love their make-up.  You have an option of three different palettes and each one has different shades and tones. Don't worry too much about which one to pick as they all have really gorgeous shades and it took me ages in the shop to actually pick between them.  In the end I opted for the Naked 1 palette and the colours and shadows are just beautiful.  I now could not be without it.  You can pick a palette up from Debenhams here and they are £37.  Urban Decay also have their newer smaller basics palette for £22 if you wanted something a little cheaper. 

Another of my make up favourites is the Benefit World Famous Neutrals kit.  They are £23.50 each and inside you get 4 powder eye-shadows and two cream eye-shadows.  There are three different boxes to choose from: sexy eyes, glamorous eyes or nudes eyes (below).  The colours again, are just lovely and I always go back to this kit. They really are basic shades, so unlike the Naked palette you are only getting six shades in total. You do get a lovely little instruction kit as to how to apply the shades which is very handy and especially good for any novices or if you are not sure where to put which eye-shadow. You can check the kits out here.

I couldn't mention my make-up favourites and not mention the Real Techniques brushes.  If you haven't heard of them before they are designed by Sam and Nic Chapman who are the gorgeous ladies from Pixiwoo. (These girls do the most amazing make up tutorials on YouTube. Go and check them out, they know their stuff!). Their brushes are my favourite brushes...ever.  They are so soft, amazing at applying make up and there isn't a loose bristle in sight!!! You can buy them singly or in sets here. And what lady wouldn't want fab make up brushes (aside from anyone who doesn't wear make-up that is!). 

So onto buying for any little people in your life. Baba has more toys than she knows what to do with, but after extensive research and emptying her entire toy chest (she did that for the purpose of this blog post!), we have settled on a few of her favourites.

The three bears puzzle box is by Melissa and Doug and the box slides open to reveal a variety of different faces and outfits for each of the three bears.  Baba loves dressing up each bear and playing with the different expressions.  This is beautifully made (as are Melissa and Doug toys) and so so cute.  You can find the set here. (Also worth having a look in your nearest T K Maxx as I always seem to find Melissa and Doug toys in there!). 

Next up is a book that turns into a car! Baba had been saying she wanted a toy car but there was no way she was getting a toy car to mow the dog down with.  So she got this instead! There is a story that you read and then a quick unfold and some Velcro later and viola! You have a pink auto-mobile!!! These books actually come in a range of themes and I have also seen a tractor and fire engine in the series.  Again, I found this book in T K Maxx but I have also found them online here and here.

Another favourite of my daughter's is her Happy Land people set.  She spends hours playing with them and talking to them and throwing them around the place (!). This little house from the brand is a nice size (and won't take over your own house), is easily cleaned and comes with a good amount of accessories so you don't have buy the house then buy more bits to go in it.  Baba loves the little squirrel and cat that we regularly have to hunt down.  I think this makes such a lovely present. We got ours from Mother care (link here).  

Baba adores books and I just couldn't do a Christmas gift guide without including her favourites.  And to be honest, there are only two names that we adore and come back to again and again.  And of course its Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. These two are genius's.  Their books are wonderfully written, funny, and are, well just amazing.  I have read The Highway Rat over 100 times (no joke) and we still don't get bored of it.  If you don't own one of these need to get one now! There are some great life lessons for us all to learn with a squash and a squeeze too (its about being grateful for what you have and includes a cow dancing a jig!).

So, that's my little gift guide and I hope it has inspired you with your Christmas shopping if you have any left or have it all left to do.  Or even if you want to treat yourself to a few new beauty bits! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely day and see you tomorrow nice and early for a very relaxing and stress-free Blogmas day 11!

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  1. Ooohh I have a certain little lady that would love one of those three bears boxes, thanks for the idea!! x

  2. Lovely post. I love the naked pallete too. Since owning it three or four years ago I haven't bought any other eyeshadows! And I love the Julia Donaldson books too! Little one is still too small to fully appreciate them! X