Friday, 12 December 2014

Blogmas - 12.12.14

Good morning and happy 12th December! Only 12 days until Christmas! Yay!! So today was a real family affair.  Me and Baba travelled to Leek in Staffordshire this morning to meet with two of my aunties for lunch, laughter and lots of chatter. 

We left Derbyshire around 10am so I could pick up my mum on the way. Here's a quick outfit of the day and, I must admit I feel no more confident about taking a decent selfie.  But hey, lets move swiftly on.  

We met for food in the centre of town and Baba had alot of fun with both of her aunties.  She refused to actually eat anything at all, but instead opted to play with pennies and an envelope!!! Good times! It was such a lovely afternoon to catch up with them both as I hadn't seen them in a little while. After our bellies were full, the bitter cold didn't stop us from taking a wander around the cobbled streets, old buildings and shops.  

We went into some of the antique shops in the town and found this gorgeous ring.  I ended up buying it my mum for Christmas.  It's so pretty. We both love finding one-off unusual pieces and I always wonder who owned the ring before and what is its story.  Its new story is that it now belongs to my mum and we will remember that cold but lovely day in Leek when we found it. 

I also received a really special gift from my auntie.  She gave me three glass baubles that belonged to my Grandmother, Evelyn. I absolutely love them and will treasure them forever.  It's nice to think that many many Christmas's ago, my grandmother hung those very baubles from her Christmas tree.  Those baubles witnessed the joy of Christmas morning, the unwrapping of presents, festive cheer and laughter and the chiming of new year bells.  They will now hang from my tree and be passed down to Baba.  I feel very honoured to have them and they make my Christmas tree complete. 

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope you enjoyed my little trip to Leek! 
Do you own any Christmas decorations that have been passed down through your family and mean something special? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.   
Wishing you all a fantastic Friday and see in the morning for Blogmas day 13. 

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  1. You look so pretty in your outfit and that town looks super cute, I wish more towns in my area looked like that! Those glass baubles are also really pretty :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!