Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas - 19.12.14

Hello there and welcome to Blogmas day 19! Last night me and my husband had a (very) long overdue date night in Manchester. We had spent the day in Manchester with Baba, and my sister, who lives in Manchester, very kindly offered to babysit so we could go out for food and a few cocktails (or four!).  Fancy coming along? Well then let's go!! I wore this gorgeous gold Topshop shift dress that my sister lent me (I know, she's a very good sister to have!).  

After attempting to tuck Baba up into bed, who then exclaimed she couldn't possibly sleep, we left my sister with instructions that if all else failed to let Baba watch a bit of Peppa Pig. We made a very speedy exit and headed to Artisan. First drink of the night was the most delicious raspberry and vanilla Martini.  Delicious.

Now normally this is the point in my blog where I say I forgot to take any pictures of the food.  But, as my plate was served and I wielded my pizza cutter like a cave woman, my husband reminded me to take a snap. Sorry its a bit dark, I was trying to look inconspicuous so didn't use the flash! I had the pulled pork, roasted apple, sage, grand padano and rocket pizza. 

And my husband had the pork ribs with kimchee. 

I feel my photos really don't do it justice.  I am not sure what other bloggers do? Do you just flash away at the table?!  However, regardless of my photography, take my word for it that our plates returned to the kitchen immaculately clean. 

I adore the toilets at Artisan, which is a bit of an odd thing to say, and even more weirdly, I took some photos.  I know, I know! I won't use the flash at the table, but I snap away happily in the toilets!!! Artisan have an entire lounge that you enter just before the ladies toilets. Its called the Bitchin Lounge and it is adorned with the most gorgeous mirrors, comfy chairs and chaise lounges.  If only the walls could talk in here!!

The toilets themselves are a work of art too.  You know when you just walk in and think, wow, I wish this was my bathroom?!? Or maybe that's just me.  I took a snap for you anyway as I was the only one in there!  


Artisan also have a photo booth. I dragged my husband in for some pics of us together.  We never seem to have pictures of just the two of us, and I love how you get the photos there and then.  A lovely memento from our night is now pinned to our fridge. 

So, onto pudding, and I think this says alot about me.  It was devoured before a photo was even thought of.  So here's the empty plate, and what was on it was a hot chocolate fondant which was delicious! 

By the time we had finished our meal it was 9.30pm and we just couldn't return to the hotel after only 2 hours!! My sister had text and said that she had persuaded Baba to go to sleep with milk and cookies so we took that as sign we should sample a few more beverages! We headed to Australasia's Grand Pacific bar. I had a pineapple and coconut mojito (definitely recommend this if you like sweet drinks).  My husband had a smokey old fashioned which is a bourbon based drink. They give you the drink with smoke cascading from it which you then pour into your glass. I tried to capture the smoke spilling over the glass like a laboratory experiment! 


After sampling a few more cocktails, (it would be rude not to), we wandered in the rain huddled arm in arm under our umbrella, saying, how we always say, that we should definitely do this more often. 

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  1. I LOVE that dress on you - beautiful! I'm so jealous of your cocktails (pregnant) but looks like you had a wonderful time! Mim :) #weekendbloghop

    1. Thank you so much!! I know, I really missed cocktails when I was pregnant too! x

  2. You look so cute, I'm glad you two had a great time!! :)


  3. Stunning dress and you look beautiful as always! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday