Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas - 20.12.14

Good morning and hello Blogmas day 20! Whether the fact that its only five days until Christmas makes you excited or strikes fear into your heart, sit down and I shall tell you what I got up to today!  We stayed last night in Manchester so this morning we were up bright and early (well Baba was awake, so we all were). 

Now, before we go any further, I had two celebrity spots from the hotel. And who doesn't love a celebrity spot? The first was Nick Hewer (from The Apprentice and Countdown).  He came out of the lift as we were waiting for it. And what did I do? Yes that's right, I had a lovely conversation with him about how I loved his work and thought he was very funny.  Errr, no that didn't actually happen at all.  I stood there, mouth wide open, with one finger pointed.  Like an idiot.  No offence to Nick, but it's not like it was the Queen or Bradgelina.  We then got to the reception and guess who was there? Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons Den. So, I pitched him my blogging business plan and we had a lovely chat. No, no that did not happen either. My mouth dropped open and my husband had to shut it for me. Oh the shame. 

I would love to know your opinion on this topic.  What do you do when you see a famous person? Do you smile? Do you say hi? Do you stare at them and think I know that face? Many, many years ago my dad once asked a guy in a car park if he used to work with him, he was actually a famous F1 driver! Comments below please for the most famous person you've seen and what you do in the presence of a celebrity.  If you are interested mine is Princess Anne (sorry Nick and Duncan) and she shook my hand (I was 10 at the time). 

You will be pleased to hear I saw no more celebrities and on we headed to Manchester Museum.  This museum is free to enter and such a fabulous place to visit with children. 

Our favourite section by far was the Nature Discovery section which has been specially designed for the under five's. It was like entering an enchanted wood.  Everything was at Baba's eye level and she even had her own binoculars and magnifying glass to find all of the creatures on a little trail.  

The dinosaur and large animal skeletons were amazing and we stood in awe feeling very, very small.

Normally Baba loves the animal section of museums, but I have to say, she was a little frightened by some of the animals on display.  The predators certainly looked like predators instead of extras from the Lion King.  

Whilst older children would love this section, Baba is two and a half, and I think she is at the stage where her little imagination starts to get carried away.  We quickly walked through the carnivores, told her they were all smiling (!) and distracted her with this gorgeous display of paper birds. 

What makes this museum pretty unique is it has a vivarium and it is dedicated to conserving amphibians and reptiles.  We wandered around trying to spot the worlds most poisonous frog and snakes and lizards. How beautiful is this chameleon who I fell in love with? 

We had such a lovely time, and this little gem is well worth a visit if you are in the Manchester area. On the way home Baba fell fast asleep, probably dreaming of alot of teeth and lizards!  

Thank you so much for reading and please be sure to come back tomorrow for some fun in the snow.  Yes, the snow! And see those lovely links to your right? Click any to stay up to date with all Laura Evelyn Bee goings on (including awkward celebrity spots!).

See you in the morning, 

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  1. Wow looks like an amazing museum! Honestly I can't remember what famous person I last saw. I saw The Script live and that was cool... And Vanilla Ice lol! He was nice but I wasn't Starstruck or anything... If I met my current celebrity right now, Colin O'Donoghue I would totally flip out and scream. Ahhh that would be amazing lol!


    1. Jessica you are obviously way more cooler than me! I seem to turn into a wreck when a famous person is within ten feet of me!!! Vanilla Ice is quite a funny claim!! x