Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogmas - 21.12.14

Happy Sunday everyone and hello blogmas day 21!!! I can't believe I have made it to day 21 of Blogmas! I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my December so far.  And I won't lie to you.  Things are ramping up a little in the Bee household.  There seems to be a growing list of errands, jobs to do and lists to complete, and my cheeks are a little pink as I type this now, thinking of the disaster zone that is currently my kitchen. Anyway, that can wait, and right now, let me tell you about our trip to the Tamworth Snow Dome's Winter Wonderland.  

This is the second time we have been to the wonderland now and its such a fab Christmassy thing to do.  There are three main sections to the Wonderland and you are in a group at a pre-allocated day and time.  For the first section (my personal favourite) you get 30 minutes in the snow trail.  This is a trail through an enchanted forest complete with sledges, a tubing slide for the little ones, snowballs and candy canes. There are more twinkling lights than you can shake your mitten at and its just magical!!! 

Staying upright on a sledge when you have been squeezed into a snow-suit is no easy feat but Baba did it! She couldn't believe her eyes at all the snow and she couldn't stop laughing when I threw a snowball at Daddy (don't worry he got me back, and he threw his harder!). 

This reminded me of the candy cane forest in Elf. 

We never seem to get any snow at Christmas so this is just perfect to actually be able to play and sledge.  Even though our session was busy there were plenty of sledges for the little ones and lots of snow tubes for the slides too.  

The next section is a little show, and you walk to a seated area with a stage.  The show stars Santa and his helpers.  I don't know what Baba thought of this as she has just started to grasp who Santa Claus is.  I did hear her shout 'jigsaw' when he asked everyone what they wanted for Christmas. Which is actually news to me as she hadn't asked for one before now. (Note to self: add jigsaw to shopping list).  I didn't take any photos here as you can kind of imagine what a guy dressed up like Santa looks like. 

Though as an aside, what do you say when you see a dodgy looking Santa? Not that this Santa looked dodgy but we saw another one today outside the supermarket, and he looked a bit straggly to say the least.  I ushered Baba past him, but do you say he is one of the helpers?? I don't want her to think every fool in a red costume is Santa.  I have Santa standards and feel the real one has to be of exceptional quality. Hmmmm, maybe I'm over thinking this.  

Anyway, sorry. Slightly side tracked there.  So the third part of the wonderland is to go and meet Santa's animals.  You walk through to another section and we saw reindeer, pigs, rabbits, goats, donkeys and sheep.  And again the whole area was decked out in the most gorgeous Christmas decorations and trees, complete with Santa's house. 

This shot was taken moments before the mitten eating pig stole my daughters mitten and began eating it.  I had to run and get an attendant who wrestled the pig to collect the mitten.  Well, OK, who gently took the mitten from its little hooves and handed it Baba back.  Lesson learnt here, watch any dangly objects near pigs. 

We had such a lovely afternoon and it put us in such a Christmassy mood. I have to say, I could spend all day in the snow there (as long as I had a steady supply of hot chocolate). With Smooth Christmas on the radio constantly (I now know every obscure Christmas song by heart), it's....wait for it...beginning to look alot like Christmas!(sorry).  You can find out more about the Winter Wonderland here and it runs until the 31st December, so such a lovely thing to do with the family in the holidays. 

Thank you as always for reading and see you in the morning for Blogmas day 22! 

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