Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas - 22.12.14

Hello and can you believe its the 22nd of December already? Where has the month gone? Today is a pretty quite day in the Laura Evelyn Bee household and I am running errands and catching up with the family. I thought I would review a new foundation I have tried and oooh, its a good one!!

My quest for an amazing foundation has been a pretty long one.  I absolutely adored L'oreal's true match foundation.  I loved the coverage, the texture and my skin looked amazing!! Well, it looked amazing until I had an allergic reaction to it! Sob! So that's one off the list. (If you aren't allergic to it this foundation is amazing and definitely worth a try!!).  

I recently picked up a sample of the Estee Lauder Enlighten Even Effect Skin Tone Corrector as I had seen a picture of someone wearing it and their skin looked amazing! Firstly the name. What a mouthful! Basically, its a very sheer foundation cream that aims to make your skin look flawless and cover a multitude of sins from dark circles to redness.  Yes please! And now for the slightly bad bit. It costs £34 for 30ml which is waaaay more than my usual foundations.  But, I thought if it makes my skin look amazing, I would certainly purchase it (I hope my husband doesn't read this, no, of course I wouldn't pay £34 for a foundation Mr.Bee, cough,cough!). 

If you need a high coverage foundation then I wouldn't say this foundation is for you as it is quite a light coverage. But I love how it feels on my skin.  It feels so light and it really does give my skin a very healthy glow.  I think in the Summer months this would be perfect for me as this is the time I don't want a heavy foundation. For the current Winter months, I don't know, I just feel I need something with more coverage.     

Here's a picture of me without any make-up on the left, with just this foundation in the middle picture and then with the rest of my make-up on to the right. What do you think? 

The foundation comes in three shades and I went for the medium and I felt it suited my skin tone well.  This product is definitely worth a look or even sneaking onto your Christmas wish list and I think I will be making a purchase in the Summer months.  But for now, my foundation quest continues. 

Have you tried this product or are you loving another foundation I should try? I would love to read your comments below please! 

See you nice and early tomorrow for a toddler's first trip to the cinema!!!

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  1. You look great with or without makeup! I found my favorite foundation... it's called Outlast Stay Fabulous by CoverGirl (American brand) and I love it! Perfect shade for my skin so it's pretty amazing ;)


    1. You are too kind :-)
      We don't have cover girl here :-( my hunt for the perfect foundation continues! x