Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Blogmas - 23.12.14

I can't believe its only one more sleep until Christmas day! I say that, but to be fair, my husband has pretty much had to hear me say this phrase most mornings with the relevant number of sleeps added. So its no surprise really.  What is a surprise is every year I build Christmas up as if it is the last day on Earth. My mind cannot seem to process that there is another day, and quite a few others that will proceed Christmas day. 

To explain fully, if you read my to-do list, you might be fooled into thinking that I had volunteered for Richard Branson's one way trip to Mars and I had to prepare my family for my imminent departure.  I apparently need to clean out all the cupboards, sort the pile of junk that has been sitting undisturbed for quite some time in the spare room, wash Pablo T Dog's dog coat so it is nice and clean, and apparently squeeze into seeing most of my friends before Christmas like I will never see them again!! Also on my to do list is buy more toilet rolls, just in case. Yep, I guess this is just in case my space rocket departs for Mars early and my husband and daughter will be safe in the knowledge that they have enough toilet rolls to last them until Summer. 

I think my slightly bizarre behaviour stems from this belief that Christmas has to be perfect.  And its everywhere to see, this perfect Christmas.  The happy little faces on the adverts, the shops adorned with the Christmas tea towel that you NEED in your life.  And don't even think about serving Christmas dinner if you haven't got a specific Christmas day outfit. Tut-tut. 

My bizarre behaviour used to extend to presents that I may receive. And let me tell you, I have learnt my lesson in this department. Last year, in early December,  I accidentally saw an email on my husband's phone about a trip to Paris in January. I immediately couldn't contain my excitement.  Was he taking just me? What about Baba? What should I wear? I nearly started packing a little overnight bag, but upon telling my mum, she firmly told me not to jump to any conclusions (moi?!) and wait for the big day.

Christmas day came and all day I was expecting my tickets.  I thought he was certainly dragging it out a bit when we went to bed. But undeterred, I had a good feel under my pillow for the tickets. He suddenly asked me what on Earth I was rummaging for and it all came spilling out. 

I confessed I'd mistakenly seen the email.  That I had waited all day for the present.  And who exactly was he taking to Paris if not me? He then informed me that what I had seen was only a provisional booking and that it was a work trip that they had cancelled hours after booking and that's why he had never mentioned it.  I don't know who was more shocked, me or my husband.  I know, I know, serves me bloody right.  My husband has the patience of a saint.   

Safe to say this year I am completely keeping my two feet firmly on the ground when it comes to any surprises and presents. But I am afraid to say my manic cleaning, long list of silly to-do jobs and perfect Christmas ideals have taken on a life of their own.  I know our family Christmas will be perfect whether the dog's coat is washed or not.  It will all be amazing even without that Christmas tea towel. But there is this little voice that keeps telling me, what if a guest checks the cupboards or the spare room? What if we do use up all 27 toilet rolls and run out? And just what if I have a surprise weekend trip flight to catch on Boxing day?!! He,he.  Only joking. Promise. :-)

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  1. This post made me giggle! I'm sure your Christmas will be perfect - and I wonder if your hubby is romantic enough to surprise you with Paris tickets now you least expect it?! Lucy, www.aspectatorsport.com xx

    1. Thank you Lucy! My husband did nearly fall off his chair when he read your comment! :-) x

  2. Ha ha so funny! I think we all have this strange idea of The Perfect Christmas and for that reason, I often find the day itself a total let down. I am feeling distinctly unchristmassy this year and I think it's because we are going away on 27th so I'm struggling to get my head round Christmas and get excited. It's a weird feeling so just enjoy not going away!

    1. Hope you have an amazing break! Thank you for stopping by x