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Blogmas - Christmas Eve 2014

It's Christmas Eve!! Yayyyy!!! And if you read yesterdays blog (which you can see here) you will know that I have a list as long as my arm that still needs completing. I have a few additions which now include cleaning the dog's teeth, polishing the sofas and cleaning the windows, which all obviously have to be done before the big day tomorrow or the sky will fall in.  Anyway, enough about my to-do-or-Christmas-won't-be-the-same list.  What better thing to read about on Christmas Eve than reindeer's and ponies with big hair? Sit down or continue queuing in ... add shop of your choice here, and let me tell you about our trip to a reindeer farm.  

Come Christmas and there are more reindeer's than you can shake an antler at.  The lovelies are everywhere.  But after something a bit different, we went to visit Blithbury Reindeer Lodge (as recommended by Brummy Mummy of 2...totally go and check her out if you don't know who this lady is!).  Blithbury lodge is home to the largest working reindeer herd in England, and over Christmas you can book a ticket to meet the reindeer and go and visit Santa himself.  Now, if you are thinking this is just another Santa land experience like the dozens of others up and down the country, you are wrong.  There isn't a dodgy dancing snowman in sight.  It's rustic, charming and you just fall in love with the reindeer. 

You wander around the lodge, meeting and feeding all of the the reindeer. From large male reindeer with the most spectacular antlers, to smaller females and even little babies.  We also met this handsome fellow. 

I would like to think that if I was a pony, I would have a fringe as lovely as this little guy's.  You can also pay to have a traditional sleigh ride pulled by one of the reindeer's.  Mr Bee and Baba snuggled in and were pulled along to sounds of little hooves a-trotting. If this all wasn't lovely enough, you then get to go to Elf School. I obviously got way too excited, and thinking that this was my preparation for wizarding school, I dragged Baba to the front row. :-)

We learnt how the reindeer fly and we were given a bag full of 'magic' food to leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.  Then, came our call to meet the big man himself, Santa. If I could pick a Santa, it would be this one.  From his little wire spectacles to his actual white eyebrows, he was the real thing.  Of course my daughter had talked none stop about him since July, and naturally when we met him for the very first time she stood there with her mouth wide open and became mute. She didn't cry, but she was definitely a little shocked. Maybe it's like my reaction when I see celebrities (but that's a whole other story you can read here).

Santa took my daughter's sudden loss of voice all in his stride and he happily chatted away about his magical reindeer, if she had been a good girl and her love of Peppa Pig (you complete a form beforehand so Santa 'knows' a bit more about your little one).  My daughter loves telling all who will listen...apart form Santa...that the one present she really really wants is a jigsaw (even though she only added this to her list two days hasn't got one!).  After meeting Santa we were allowed to take a sneak peek into Santa's workshop and the little ones can pick any toy that they like.  There wasn't a dodgy plastic toy in sight and Baba picked a lovely jigsaw! Hurrah! (Tick jigsaw off very long to do list!).  
Unfortunately, Blithbury Lodge is closing for Christmas today, but it does open at various points throughout the year and you have to put this on your list of places to visit next Christmas.  You can find out more information here.

And that was our lovely day meeting Santa and his reindeer. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas Eve!! And fancy coming to a party tomorrow? You do? Well I will see you bright and early for my very last Blogmas post! 

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