Monday, 19 January 2015

A 30th Birthday Gift Hamper

At the weekend it was a very good friend's surprise 30th birthday party and I was really struggling to know what to buy him.  What do you buy the guy who has everything? If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I love a gift hamper (you can see my baby shower basket here and a father's day basket here). As our friend is a real foodie, I thought a food gift basket would be a personal and delicious present!

I popped to T K Maxx where I always pick up any baskets I need, however, after picking a basket, I then found this gorgeous pizza plate.  It is a bit of a running joke that our friend is the 16th best pizza eater in the world (he has dropped a few places in recent years), and I thought instead of a basket I could centre the gift around this plate, which to be honest I think he will use much more than a basket anyway. 

I then bought a few items that I thought he would like.  As its his 30th, obviously I had to include a bottle of champagne along with some savoury and sweet treats. I then got my trusty cellophane (!) and wrapped the gift.  I got some really pretty ribbon from Hobbycraft for only 80p for a metre (I didn't realise you could buy ribbon by the metre there and it does really finish off the gift).  Here's the final present: 

To wrap the entire gift I wanted something a bit personal too, so I wrapped it in plain brown paper and then I hand stamped it with little phrases, such as 'happy birthday' and 'thirty'. I think the overall effect looks really good and makes the present alot more individual.  I will certainly be stamping my brown wrapping paper in the future!

Thanks for reading and hope I have inspired you if you have any birthdays coming up!

Happy Monday, 

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  1. A gift basket is such a good idea and I'd even prefer them to "specific gifts" - it's so nice giving or receiving little things that one will like!

    1. Completely agree!
      Thanks so much for reading and stopping by x

  2. You did such a great job wrapping it! and I think that's such a clever idea to get him a plate instead of a basket :)


    1. Thank you!
      Yes I think he will use the plate a little more than a basket! x