Monday, 5 January 2015

Its a wrap - take two

As you may or may not know, I am forever messing about with my nails. And whilst my nails have sometimes looked like maybe my dog did them (you can see my failed nail art post here), nothing seems to deter me and my experimentation knows no bounds! 

Whilst gone are the days of treating myself to a manicure and pedicure pre-Christmas, I still had some time (!) to try and do something with my nails so I was party season ready.  I had already tried the Ted Baker Nail Wraps before in the shade black floral, and you can read my review on those here along with how to apply them.  I was so pleased after using them last time, I decided to try them again in a different shade for Christmas.  

My only grumble with the original black floral shade was that the pattern didn't show up too well on my very short nails.  So this time I chose a different shade (helpfully, there isn't a single mention of the shade on the packaging), I can only describe this shade as black with pretty oriental-style lilies on.  This pattern actually repeated on every single nail wrap and the pattern was evenly spread from the base of the wrap to the top.  This meant that even with my very short nails the pattern could be clearly seen this time. 

I applied the wraps on Christmas Day and it took me around 30 minutes to apply the full pack.  This time included time chasing my daughter and stopping her from riding our dog, Pablo.  So all in all not too bad!  I had previously applied a clear top coat varnish to the wraps when I had last applied these, but I didn't this time (I had lost the nail polish...well, my daughter has actually hid it in an extremely good hiding place!). Having said this, the lack of a top coat didn't seem to make any difference to the longevity of the wraps. 

These little beauties lasted a full week before I peeled them off, and to be fair I think they could have stayed on a few more days. This is pretty amazing in itself as I am forever washing my hands, forgetting to use washing up gloves and over Christmas week I forget the amount of times I had to tear some toy open from its Alcatraz type encasing. For the cost of £7.50 I cannot recommend these wraps enough.  I can't seem to find them on the Boots website anywhere, so you will need to pop in store to find them, before I bulk buy them all!

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  1. Your daughter riding your dog has just really made me giggle! Those nails look amazing! I need to get me some of those. Glad you had a fab Christmas! x

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    1. I can't believe I have only recently found out about them! They are wondrous!! x