Friday, 23 January 2015

Kangaroo modelling, boots & a 30th

It was a very good friend's surprise birthday party in Manchester at the weekend, and after dropping our daughter off at her grandma's we made our way to a very cold Manchester.  I looked at my husband as we parked the car and gave him my best puppy dog eyes look (that really makes me look a little odd). 'Pleeeeaaasssseeee', I said,  'OK, OK', he replied. Because to be fair, who wants to be stood on a residential street taking photos of your wife's outfit because she needs to blog about it? Exactly. 

Once again, I channelled my inner model (who for the record doesn't inner model is in fact a kangaroo).  'Stop bouncing about', Mr.Bee said, 'your legs look funny', 'I'm trying to look natural', I squealed. Bloody hell.  After assuring me he had some good shots (!) we headed to the party to surprise our friend along with about 50 others. 

The party was held at a local micro-brewery which sold more variety of beers than you could shake your beer goggles at. As the designated driver I cannot critique any for you, but I can say my husband seemed to be enjoying himself trying out the many many different beers on offer. There was laughter and some singing of Michael Jacksons 'The Earth Song' which seems to be an in joke of our friend's friends.  It was quite entertaining! Sneaking a peak of my earlier outfit shots, revealed that we needed to take a more (I know!). So I quickly posed and hoped for the best. 

I couldn't decide on what to wear so opted for this blue sweetheart neckline dress which is very old from All Saints.  On its own it can look quite dressy, so I paired it with a grey blazer (Topshop) and a pair of grey suede ankle boots (head over heels by Dune).  

I have only recently bought these ankle boots, but I wonder how I didn't have a pair before.  They are so versatile and can be worn to dress up a pair of jeans up or with dresses when I don't want to wear my trusty nude heels. Ankle boots are definitely worth a look and there are so many styles in the sales currently. The pair I'm wearing are currently in the sale for £24 and they are so comfy (link here). And for some style inspiration...

Ankle Boots

Hmmm, maybe shoe modelling is more my forte!! But, enough about boots, back to the party...

And how amazing is this cake? 

We had such an amazing night and felt very honoured to celebrate with our good friend. Happy 30th Birthday Mr.M! 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE an ankle boot! Love your selection there, got me wanting some even though I am all stocked up at the moment (have four pairs, which given I wear my Uggs all winter is enough). Totally feel your pain with the husband photographer problem. Mine will (exasperatedly) take loads...of rubbish ones. Doesn't he even look at the screen / lens when he's taking them?! Glad you got a couple of good ones in the end - you look lovely! x

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      I think I may now need a tri-pod for my outfit posts!!! x

  2. What a cool cake! You look very nice and I love those ankle boots!