Friday, 16 January 2015

My true love

Hello and happy Friday!  Today I thought I would share with you a new piece in my wardrobe that I am deeply in love with.  This jumper hasn't been off my back since I got it and whilst you may think I am over-exaggerating, I think friends and family have questioned if I actually own any other clothes!! Introducing, my new BFF (!), the All Saints Itat Shrug!

First of all, I adore All Saints.  I think the quality of the clothes is just amazing and very long lasting. Items wash well and are true investment pieces. I had completely fallen in love with this top when I saw it back in October, and I finally purchased it during a 20% event just before Christmas (they seem to have a 20% event most months).  I got it in the grey marl shade, but there is a dark grey, black and taupe available too. The fit is loose with quite fitted sleeves, and there is this lovely drape detail at the front where the material overlaps on itself.  But that's not all! 

This is no ordinary jumper.  What I love about this top is that it turns into a cardigan too! You flick the V section behind your head and voila! A cardigan!! (And it actually looks like a lovely cardigan, it doesn't look like you have just wrapped something over your head).  

The Itat shrug is still available at All Saints here and the dark grey version appears to have gone in the sale for £39! Versatile, comfy and stylish...I think my love affair with this piece will be a long one!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. this is amazing! i love that you can style it two ways. it looks great on you :)


  2. Oh how I do love All Saints. This sweater combo thing looks great! I would probably be sleeping in it and tossing all other cardigans out the window.

    1. It is my new favourite! Thanks for stopping by x