Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lose your Lingerie - A Valentine Nail

Lose your lingerie is a rather catchy title isn't it?! Sorry to disappoint, but this is a review of the Rita Ora's Rimmel 60 second coat nail polish in 203...Lose Your Lingerie. The name got me giggling in the beauty aisle of Boots, because quite frankly, the only images it made me think of are when I a) always think I've lost my pants at swimming and b) I still can't find said pants as my daughter has them on her head and is singing to Frozen. I have a sneaky suspicion that this isn't the image the brand are trying to evoke. But anyway, onto the review. 

I continue to adore the Rimmel 60 second polishes for the facts that they are very very fast drying, have a great range of colours and are only £2.99. You really can't go wrong.  This shade is a pinky nude colour and alas, with most nude colours I've tried before, application can be a little tricky and you do need a build up of the colour onto the nail. Normally with the Rimmel 60 second shades I apply two coats, but I found applying only two coats with this shade made my nails looked a little patchy.  Three coats seemed to do the trick and the colour looked more uniform. As the polish is so quick to dry I didn't really mind this, it just took a little longer than usual. I think the colour is really pretty and perfect for any upcoming Valentine day date's. 

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  1. What a pretty color! Definitely perfect for valentines day!


  2. Gorgeous colour, I love that really nude pink on nails, oozes class. Rimmel are great for nail colours that don't break the bank. If I'm giving myself a french manicure, I use their polishes, super easy! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. I know...such good value polishes.
      Thanks for stopping by x