Thursday, 26 February 2015

Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation: Review

I have a pretty long list of demands when it comes to foundations. I want my skin to glow but not to look too shiny.  I want a light coverage but I also want imperfections covered.  I want something long lasting but not a product I need to scrape off with a shovel at the end of the day. Exactly.  My wishlist is a tad long, and my search for a foundation that I love has been a long time coming.  I came across the Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation in Boots this week, and, as its currently on offer for £5.99, naturally it ended up in my shopping basket and here we are. But oh, its good. 

There are seven shades to choose from and I picked up shade number 40 in Fawn.  By some sheer miracle the shade suits me (even though I picked it by the God awful test of putting it on the back of my hand. A big make-up no-no!). You have to shake the product thoroughly before applying to mix all of the ingredients.  It has a bulbous dropper and you are meant to 'drop' a few drops of the foundation onto your finger and then blend in with your hands.  But, I am all about the buffing, so, I add a few drops to my hand and then apply with a brush and buff into my skin. 

This product is really buildable and you can go for quite a thin coverage or apply more if you have any areas you want greater coverage.  When it first goes onto the skin it feels quite satiny and I was a little worried it would dry out my skin, but it really doesn't.  It sits perfectly and suits my combination skin by not being over drying or too oily.  It feels really light and I love how my skin feels with it on.  Cue a picture of me bare faced to the left, and to the right after applying the foundation (with other make-up on too!).  

Whilst the bulbous applicator is a bit lost on me, (I would be quite happy to just tip the foundation out of the bottle), top marks for this foundation.  It's fantastic and certainly rivals some of the high end foundations I have tried.    

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