Sunday, 8 February 2015

Original Source - My new love

I have very dry skin. So much so, that on certain days I have the distinct feeling that in my previous life I was part of the reptile or amphibian family. Possibly an iguana or maybe even a tortoise.  My bathroom resembles a beauty salon and with more lotions and potions than you could shake a reptile claw at. Whilst perusing in my local Boots I spotted these products and after trying them out this week, they are absolutely amazing and I can't stop raving about them. The really good news is that they are a fraction of the price of my usual lotions and potions. 

Both products are from the Original Source brand and my first pick is their Mint And Tea Tree Shower Gel. It smells absolutely amazing and easily rivals any of the much more expensive shower gels I have used. One bottle apparently contains 7,927 real mint leaves, and whilst showering, I find I often stare at the bottle and wonder who actually counted them all out and why 7,927?  But that's just me. I'm guessing normal people just wash with it.  

My whole shower smells amazing after using this as well as me, and I am now a convert. It comes in other scents too which sound equally appealing, and the best bit, its currently just £1 instore at Boots or online here.

My other new love, is the Skin Quench Body Butter in vanilla and sweet almond oil.  

This stuff not only smells delicious, but it actually works! The butter isn't so thin that you feel it should be in a bottle, but not too thick that it takes you an hour to rub it in.  This body butter easily rivals the more expensive body butters that I've tried.  There is a range of other scents and the butters are currently on offer for £3.99 instore at Boots or online here.  And it gets even better. Original Source carries the Vegan mark, so it means no animal derivatives are used in their products and there is no animal testing either. Hurrah! This my friends, is my new favourite and I may or may not have bought a years worth of supplies from Boots because it is so so gorgeous! Did I mention I love it?!

Thanks for reading and drop me a comment below if you try these beauties!  

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  1. I love the Original Source Mint and Tea Tree body wash. I've used it for years and I don't know what I'd do if they ever discontinued it. I didn't realise they did body butters as well, will have to keep an eye out for them in the shops.
    Mish x

    1. Yes they smell delicious don't they! Such great products! x