Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Snack Time at Playgroup

An ode to snack time at our local playgroup. 

"Its snack time", the nice playgroup lady calls, 
As helpers hurriedly tidy away toys and balls, 
"Its snack time", echoes around the halls, 
"No need to push", "be careful no-one falls". 

As little bums rush to their seats, 
Some parents begin a hasty retreat.
Anticipation lies heavy in the air,  
But be quick, be late to the table only if you dare. 

In come the bowls,
In come the cups, 
In come the snack plates, 
Everything stops. 

This is playgroup snack time, so beware,
A bit like stepping inside the lions lair.  
How this is the bit I dread, 
As the children act like they have never been fed. 

Its like watching a pack of baboons, 
A scrabble, an elbow, 
And then there's that child who continues to bellow. 
A push and a shove, 
Heavens above. 

Some parents are even worse,
They take two biscuits not one, 
And my daughters wailing, 
She has got none. 

Some parents giggle, 
Others disappear, 
They have got that snack time fear. 
But we all know this is no joke, 
There is no kindness at the snack table to other folk. 
Some faces are red
And a push and a shove too, 
From that nice little mum that looks like she wouldn't say "Boo". 

Parents wouldn't you have some manners please, 
I think you would find better behaviour from fleas. 
Children that turn into naughty blighters, 
Parents that become expert kung-foo fighters. 
No manners, 
No love, 
Oh no, this my friends is war, 
Over a raisin and a cookie, they would knock you to the floor.  

Laura Evelyn Bee. 

(We love it really). 

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