Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Teenager birthday gift ideas

I sometimes find that buying birthday presents for teenagers can be a little bit tricky. Not yet an adult but certainly not a child, teenagers are in that middle ground.  Besides the obligatory gift voucher or money in a card, thinking of a present for a teenager can take a little bit of creative thought! This week, it was my beautiful nieces 14th birthday and upon asking her what she wanted as a gift and her replying that she didn't mind, I set to work on creating her gift. Gulp! 

But first, let's just appreciate the ribbon. How cute is this ribbon? I picked it up from Hobbycraft and thought it was a lovely finishing touch to the present! I adore putting ribbon round presents.  I know some people may think it's a waste of time, but for me it really brings a present together and I always think how lovely it is to receive a beautifully wrapped present.  A metre normally costs around 50p - £1 so I always like to add it when I can.  But, onto what's inside!   

I picked up this gorgeous little suitcase from a little shop called Yellowstone at Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent (if you ever go near here, you MUST check this amazing boutique out).  The case was in the children's section, but I thought this was ideal to hold lots of little gifts, and it is something my niece can hopefully use for storing things inside after her birthday.  Inside the case I then individually gift wrapped little presents.  Presents within a present are always a winner for me! I wrapped a gift voucher for her favourite shop and some hair accessories. She also adores cats, so I found this really cute little cat milk jug. 


I also picked up this Ted Baker mini-body spray.  I always struggle with what beauty bits and pieces to get her, but I thought she would like the smell of this as it isn't as strong as a perfume but still has a pretty and sweet smell. 

And that was her little gift case.  Simple, but a bit more than your usual gift voucher.  I hope she loves it and I really enjoyed choosing her gifts within a gift.  I just can't believe she is 14 already!!! I hope this post gives you some inspiration for any teenagers you have to buy for and you can tailor the little gifts to their likes and interests. 

Have you got teenagers you need to buy gifts for? Any tips on picking gifts? 

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  1. That suitcase is so cute!! I think you did a great job picking out a gift :) My brother in law is a teen and I never know what to get him! He is so picky lol