Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Book of You by Claire Kendal : Review

Are you looking for a sweet and romantic tale of lovers, lust and longing for Valentines? Erm, well you best be moving along.  This book is chilling, tense and absolutely terrifying.  My advice? Don't read this before going to bed.  I found I couldn't sleep.  Partly due to fear of what I'd just read, and partly due to the fact I couldn't wait to keep on reading. 

The Book of You is the very chillingly debut novel of Claire Kendal.  It tells the story of Clarissa and her acquaintance Rafe, who is a stalker. You are quickly drawn into Clarissa's world. Of never being left alone. Of constantly being frightened.  And before you know it, the author has cleverly made you too, look out for and fear the very disturbing Rafe on every page. Kendal tells at times the gruesome and harrowing, tale with ease and the novel takes you to a chilling and scary place.  

Intertwined with the story of Clarissa are the details of her ongoing jury service and her love of fairy tales.  Miraculously, these topics are woven seamlessly into the story and really reflect the turmoil that Clarissa is experiencing. Unlike alot of thriller books I have read, the truth behind this story with stalking at its heart really made parallels to reality, which to me, made the story all the more gripping and chilling. 

The ending certainly wasn't what I had expected.  But then I think the ending actually is very reflective of life.  And it can't be all fairy tales can it? This is an amazing debut novel and you won't be able to put it down to find out if anyone actually does live, happily ever after. 

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I was sent The Book Of You by Claire Kendal to review by Mumsnet Bloggers.  The above review is my personal and honest opinion of the book. 


  1. Interesting. I love debut novels because I have nothing else to judge the book on so it's nice to have a blank slate. Will add this to my Amazon wish list!

    1. Yep completely agree and this book was so addictive too.
      Thanks for stopping by x

  2. I love reading debut novels too (maybe because I am hoping one day to be in that position) but this book sounds intriguing. I have a bookclub and I will place it on my list.

    1. I definitely recommend it Natalie. Thanks for stopping by x