Monday, 2 March 2015

A picture tells a thousand words

I love the story behind people's possessions.  I love the idea that to me, one persons, say lamp, is well, just a lovely lamp.  But to that person that lamp may hold a long and interesting story about its past or its significance to that person.  It no longer is 'just a lamp'. Its a story of maybe love, of loss or of fortune. 

One of my favourite items in our home is a picture that hangs in the hallway.  It has vibrant shades of blue and to me, it looks like the perfect Summer's evening next to the sea.  But, when I look at the picture, I see past those little houses, their reflections and the sky. Every time I look at the picture it takes me back to the Summer's day we bought it. 

Our daughter was just a week old and we had not long arrived home from hospital.  It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon and we decided to take our daughter out to the local park in the pushchair.  I was so happy. I was finally like one of those families that I had longed to be like. Me, my husband and our perfect little daughter wandering around the park. Our own perfect little family. We wandered into a local art shop next to the park and saw this picture and loved it straight away. We struggled to fit it under the pram (!) and my husband had to carry it around under his arm.  We then stopped on a bench as I fed my eternally hungry daughter.  At that moment I felt very blessed to have such a beautiful baby.  I felt so proud of our little family of three. 

I have more happy days that I can remember in my life, but this day always stands out to me. This simple picture evokes this happy memory as I enter my home each day.  And that to me, makes it such a special picture.   

Have you an object with a story or something that is very special to you? Comments below please. 

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  1. What a lovely memory that must be! There are lots of bits and bobs in the house that hold precious memories for me, but I think one of the strongest is a big mirror we have. Sounds odd, but it's a beautiful big antique one - we bought it just a few weeks after my son was born on one of our first ventures out (much like you!), and it now hangs on the wall in our lounge right by where I gave birth to the girls. (I should point out that it is hung quite high so you can't actually see yourself in it, so I wasn't watching myself give birth or anything!!!!) It just reminds me of really really precious moments x

    1. He,he!! Your comment made me giggle!!! Aww what fantastic memories to have and I adore antique mirrors too! x