Friday, 6 March 2015

A very quick smokey eye

I love playing about with my eye make-up, but I often find I am simultaneously trying to get my daughter from emptying my underwear drawer or yelling at my husband when he asks me where his wallet is for the tenth time (I don't know!).  This means that my eye make-up needs to be quick and easy.  At weekends, I can take my time a bit more and I tend to play about with shadows and colours, but during the week, speed is the number one priority. That and trying to not resemble a panda. 

Whilst I am a fan of the eye flick (you can read my tutorial here) I find that the eye flick can sometimes look a little harsh, especially if I'm going for a more natural look. My new trick is a bit of a smokey eye using nothing more than a base cream shadow, an eye-liner pen and a cotton bud. It really is that simple and the great thing is that you don't have to be great applying your eye-liner, you just sort of whack it on and smudge!

1. My favourite cream shadow to use as a base is Mac's Brule. It's a subtle cream colour without being too pale and enables you to blend colours on top. 

2. I apply the shadow all over the lid using a brush or my fingers. 

3. I am using L'oreal Super Liner in black at the moment.  You could use any eye-liner. 

4. Applying this to the upper lid, I just dot it along the lash line.  It doesn't matter if its not a perfect line as you are going to be smudging it anyway. 

5. I then take a cotton bud and gentle smudge the eye-liner along my upper lid to get rid of the line and to leave a more smokey and blended appearance. 

6. To the bottom lid you could either rub the cotton bud for a bit of definition, or, I like to use a bit of colour from the Urban Decay Naked palette, I quite like Hustle and or Darkhorse at the moment. 

7. The result is a very quick and simple smokey eye.  It's just enough for a day look without looking like I am heading to the nearest party and, because you have smudged the eye-liner in, I find it is quite long wearing to. 

Hope that gives you some smokey eye inspiration! 
Happy Friday and thanks for reading! 

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  1. Gorgeous new profile pic, lovely! I saw 'quick' in your title and I immediately clicked. Perfect tutorial for time-starved mamas like me :)