Friday, 20 March 2015

Quicksmart BackPack Stroller: Review

Toddlers only have little legs (obviously!) and I find that my daughter, who is now nearly three, starts off the day wanting to be very independent and walk everywhere herself. What we both tend to block out is that her legs only carry her so far, so after approximately 30 minutes I end up carrying her, and end up with an aching back and juggling things in my teeth.  Our original pram that we bought when she was a baby does convert to a pushchair, but we find it quite heavy and cumbersome now and not ideally suited to a heavy toddler. I blame its poor manoeuvrability on the many toes I may or may not have ran over. This year, we are very lucky in the fact that we are doing lots of travelling, so we thought we would invest in a light weight pushchair.  It needed to be lightweight, easy to fold and put up and also compact.  

After much research we found the QuickSmart back pack stroller and it is fabulous. What immediately drew our attention was that it folds down and fits into an over the shoulder bag.  We thought this was perfect for times when our daughter wanted to walk so we could actually comfortably carry the stroller.  

Its extremely lightweight (7.5kg) and folds out into a stroller in just three easy clicks which you can actually do with one hand, and if you're interested, whilst taking blog photographs. It folds down in another three clicks, but I found you need both hands to do this.

We trialled the stroller on our recent trip to Paris and it was perfect. Because it is so compact, it is ideal for storing in compartments and we found that when in it's bag, it neatly fitted into the overhead storage on the train. We also found it great on the underground for times when we struggled to find lifts, we could quickly take our daughter out, fold the pushchair, pop it into its bag and then walk onto an escalator. 

It handles really well and you can steer single-handedly which is no easy feat with a heavy toddler sitting in!! There is a tiny bit of storage underneath and a pocket to the back, but to be honest, we really didn't want that much storage space.  It also comes with a rain cover and a safety harness, and the seat has an upright position and then a reclining position.  

I think this stroller is the perfect partner for travel and its great for that stage of being too big for a pushchair but not quite being able to walk everywhere. I really recommend it. QuickSmart is an American company so you do have to search for where to buy. We found the stroller on Amazon here.  

Even Pablo gives the stroller his paw of approval. 

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend, 


  1. Wow this is awesome! I wish I had know about these things when my son was younger, it was always a pain having to bring along the stroller and it limited very much where we could go.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  2. This looks perfect Laura! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't believe a stroller exists that can be carried in a shoulder pack - amazing! I have been pondering what to do as my little one gets more independent but still needs a pram at some points, as I find it impossible to walk ours as well as hold his hand! This could be just the ticket - especially for next year's holiday!

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