Friday, 13 March 2015

Safari wall mural

I love Pinterest, but sometimes, well sometimes, I get a little above my station when I am pinning away for home décor and furnishings, and you could be mistaken for thinking I may live in a mansion or Buckingham Palace from my boards. This was the case when I was scouring for inspiration for my two year old daughters bedroom. After my husband had convinced me that there was no way we were getting a giant tree for her room (don't ask), I started to think rationally and look at how to decorate the walls.  I wanted something a bit unusual but still classic and something related to animals as my daughter adores them. I immediately fell in love with safari wall murals (think plain walls with white classic animal silhouettes on the wall, the murals are giant vinyl stickers you apply). After more research, I found that the murals I wanted were incredibly expensive and would have to be shipped from America!!! 

Upon adding the giant vinyl stickers to my online shopping basket my husband, who is an absolute genius (or was just so desperate for me not to spend a small fortune on animal stickers), suddenly came up with an idea of how we could get the animal shapes we wanted, without the hefty price tag.  So, whilst our method involves a hoover, an old boot and some imagination, bear with me as I think the end result is pretty amazing!!!

First, we scoured the internet as to the exact animal shapes I wanted. Its amazing as to what you can source on the internet. After a good hour comparing animal silhouettes I settled on a giraffe, a monkey riding on top of an elephant and a flock of birds flying above. Next, we printed out our shapes.  We printed them to A4 size and then I traced the outline onto a piece of clear laminate. 

Now here's where the hoover and boot come in.  We attached the laminate to a cardboard frame and then my husband attached this to a make shift tripod.  We then needed to mount a light source so an image would be projected onto the wall.   The torch light on an I-Phone was perfect, but if we held it, the image just wobbled about too much.  We mounted the phone on the end of a stick, resting on our hoover and the boot was needed for added height.  Sometimes, you have just got to work with what you have got!! 

To make the picture bigger or smaller we just moved our set-up backwards or forwards.  The result was a projected silhouette of the animal shape we needed. I then traced the outline for each animal and then I painted the shapes a bright white.  

For the birds we actually printed them to the size we wanted and stuck them to the wall. We then coloured over the top with pencil and the outline came through onto the wall.  The birds were a bit more trickier to paint as their wings and detail were quite small. 

And here's the final result...

I think the shapes look amazing and I am so pleased with it. It's such a lovely scene and I adore the birds flying overhead. Our daughter loves it too and we chat about what each of the animals are up to as I'm tucking her into bed at night.  You could easily use this idea to paint any type of silhouette to your wall, it's pretty straight forward to do yet so effective. 
Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend,  

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