Monday, 30 March 2015

The BiB Awards 2015 and a question...

Votes for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, hosted by BritMums, are now officially open, and its your chance to nominate the best blogs that you love. Apart from that time I mistook getting nominated for a Liebster Award as a blogging Oscar (you can read about that little mistake here), this is the first time in my very short blogging life that there are actual award nominations open.  Woop woop!  

Now to be quite honest, there is alot of competition.  And I mean alot of competition. There are so many talented writers and bloggers out there that I have thought of not writing this post at all.  I often doubt my writing ability and question my blog.  But, my page statistics tell me a different story.  Somewhere, somehow, some lovely lovely people actually take the time to read and comment on my little blog. So, whilst this post may only serve as a reminder to my mum to vote for me (thanks mum), I'm publishing this post regardless.  Whilst I would LOVE any nominations, at all, writing about the awards is also an excellent chance to celebrate the blogs I love too and share my nominations.  There are lots of different categories, so here's my nominations and a question for you...

Inspire Category
Without a doubt I nominate the lovely Katie from Pouting in Heels.  Her blogs are truly inspirational and so uplifting.  She is a very gifted writer. I adore her blogs and her attitude to life. I highly recommend a look at her fabulous blog here. 

Social Media Category
For me, there is one blogger who really engages on all social media platforms. Whilst I am still getting to grips with Google plus, this lady has all aspects well and truly covered and she is very supportive of sharing and helping other blogs too.  It's Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises.

Writer Category
My nomination here has to go to Brummy Mummy of Two.  This lady is hilarious and her blogs keep you hooked.  When I first found her blog I think I spent a whole afternoon reading.  She is not only a fantastic writer and actually makes me laugh out loud, but she also is a champion of not beating yourself up and taking parenting in your stride.  

Photo Category
For this category I nominate Kate from Mummy, daddy and me.  I have a slight obsession with her and her blog.  She shares the most gorgeous pictures and has a very inspiring blog which is so pretty and yes, I may also stalk her on Instagram. 

Family Category
This is a really tricky category as there are so many blogs that I read and love. But I have decided to nominate Potty Mouthed Mum. I find her blog very open and honest and just a pleasure to read.  

Outstanding Category
Without a doubt I think Honest Mum should win this award.  This lady is a truly talented blogger and has the most beautiful site and blogs.  She is also so supportive of other bloggers and it really shines through. You can tell she works so hard to deliver amazing content daily.  If you want to see how a professional blogger does it, this is your lady. 

And finally.... Fresh Voice Category I dare? Yes, yes, I do. This is the category for new bloggers, celebrating new content and blogging style.  And here is where I ask you to consider voting for me (feel free to vote for me in other categories, but I felt this might be a good one).  I have only been blogging since July 2014, and I feel my blog and writing style has really evolved in this time. I may just be a tiny spec in a vast ocean of other bloggers, but I hope that if you do enjoy my blog you would consider voting for me. You can find all the details and the voting form here at Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2015.

I wish all the other amazing bloggers the best of luck, and as always, thanks for reading, 

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  1. Good luck Laura! It's lovely to get involved isn't it, regardless of the outcome! I'm very much looking forward to seeing it all unfold :)